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H: Blood Angels W: $$$ or malifaux


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Blood Angels for sale

Everything is painted to a table top quality and is in good condition.

2 Space Marine Captains - Retail $30 asking $10 a piece
2 Squads of Black Reach Terminators - going on ebay for $15 a squad
2 Squads of Black Reach Space Marines - $15 a squad
2 Squads of Space Marine Scouts - Retail $25 asking $10 a squad
Mephiston, Lord of Death - Retail $19.25 asking $8
Space Marine Predator - Retail $57.75 asking $25
Space Marine Dreadnaught - Retail $46.00 asking $20
Black Reach Dreadnaught - $15
Space Marine Devastator Squad - Retail $35 asking $15
Space Marine Tac Squad - Retails $40 asking $15

Total Retail price is $600ish.

Total asking price is $200 and now taking offers.

There are some pictures on twitter @danissome1.

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please let me know. I am in the PDX area and am willing to meet, but anywhere outside the area you pay shipping. Thanks again.

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