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Clash at Cassandra's Reach - Cycle 4 Scenario "The Settlers" Ordo Fanaticus Necromunda Campaign Chapter 1 (Fall 2021)


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+The Settlers+ Special Scenario

The various houses have decided to dispatch settlers to stake their claim in the 'Reach. Your gang has been dispatched to escort one of the caravans through a section of the hive.  The opposing gang has orders to disrupt these wagon trains in an effort to give their own settlers an advantage.


Use the "Caravan Heist" mission (Core Rulebook pg 168) with changes noted below.



Set up a 3x3' Sector Mechanicus play area (32"x32" approved as well) . 



The each gang uses Custom Selection (6) to determine crew.  The players choose 1 champion and the other fighters they wish to use in the scenario.


Tactics cards are not used in this scenario.


As mission

Infiltration is not used for this scenario.


As mission


As mission


As mission


No credit rewards are available for this mission

XP rewards are per the mission, but are doubled.

Reputation rewards are per the mission.  


Any fighter taken Out of Action will roll on the lasting injury table but will adjust any roll of 61-65 Critical Injury & 66 Memorable Death to that of 31-45 Grievous Injury - Into Recovery.

(Arbitrators Note: The intent of this scenario is to create a introductory game that won't punish new or rusty players. Thus no ganger death this early in the campaign That would just suck)

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