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Warsaw Pact book

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I just got this today, and I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed with it. All it has are the T72, T55, and then infantry companies. There are no other tanks. The soviet book had at least two other tank companies, and of course went all the way to BMP-3's for the infantry. Of course, not knowing cold war era Warsaw info, perhaps this is what they had. A bit worried that I'd get bored with the lists very quickly. Guess we'll have to wait and see. The warsaw book does let you take a T-72B company for Soviets now as well and the SU-17 fitters. Might make more sense for me just to make soviet forces instead of the others. Everything in the new starters can be used by soviets.

I guess part of me would have liked to have seen more variety across the board instead of basically three identical selections per nation with slightly different points and stats.


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My two starter boxes came in over the weekend. I got one of each. They make around 80pts combined based on options (and of course you can't take both sets of jets). I have some tanks from the two player starter that can get me over the 100pt mark as well as some extra Hinds I've already purchased. But if you want to run a T-72b formation, I'd recommend getting two starter armies. If you want to run infantry, I'd probably suggest three of the infantry starters. That would probably give you enough T-55s to run a separate T-55 formation to go along with the infantry. 

What I really want is a Soviet infantry starter with BMP-3's.....or I'll have to see about getting some 3D printed ones. 🙂

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