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Entire 2000-2500 pt Dark Eldar Army SOLD

Lord Hanaur

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My friend is clearing house.  The initial buyer put earnest money down on it, but looks like he may have trouble completing the trade.


This is about a $900 Dark Eldar Army, all classic models.


Ive inspected it and its in perfect shape, ready to receive paint and untainted by badly glued gaps and nothing to fix.  If you like the classic look of Dark eldar, this is for you and it's perfect for someone getting into the hobby who wants to have a large point force to morph to his will.


He is strictly looking for cash.  He wants $500 for it.  It literally has just about everything you'd want to get an army started, especially the vehicles.  Might need to add a couple Venoms but other than that...



11 incubi

60 Warriors

4 Raiders

1 Raider + Ravager conversion kit

2 OLD school Grotesques (they are just a curiosity thats cool)

10 wyches

2 Talos

10 Kymerae

Urien Rakarth


10 Jetbikes.

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