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W:x-wing H:limited edition malifaux, 40k, fantasy & more


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I'm looking for some X-wing miniatures, I have lots of malifaux stuff to trade.


The things I am most interested in are: (complete sets only please)


Millennium Falcon x2

Slave one

B-Wing (expansion pack)

X-Wing (expansion pack) 

Tie Fighter (expansion pack) x2

Tie Defender


I am interested in other kits too, these just take priority.


Some of the highlights of my malifaux collection are:


Nightmare chompy

dead justice

rooster rider

egg hauler


female gremlin pig whisperer

hanging tree

miss step

miss pack

miss demeanor

miss ery

day glow pandora crew


I have lots and lots of malifaux stuff so I probably have what you are looking for.


edited to add more available stuff 


I have the TTB kickstarter stuff as well as the EBO kickstarter.


Please send any offers to cltryon@yahoo.com


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My tree is from the TTB kickstarter so has the v2 cards.
I have some High Elf stuff, I have an Archeon on foot model, a Harry the Hammer model, A white dwarf special shield rider guy with bugman and gotrek, the dwarf queen, the LE Brettonian BSB and LE Brettonian General, I have some other things too if there is something in particular your looking for please let me know as either I may have it or can get it.

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