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Warhamster requisition- Game needed

Ser Warwick

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So as I understand from the secretary incumbent's play by play warhamsters are called upon from this sub forum from here on out. I'll repost to the outer rim if this falls on deaf ears.


Haven't been able to make the past few Tuesdays, but I'd like to get a game in this week and either meet more hamsters or get some games in with the small population that I've already met.


I'm up for 40k, a good board game or a demo of a game. I'm free after 14:00 today and on the morrow, and most of the weekend.


I care not from whence the dice roll, so long as they roll.



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I'm free for some 40k Friday or Saturday if you can make it.


Saturday would work well for me. Did you have a time and points value in mind? I'm open on both of those accounts that day.

Tuesday I'll be at the shop with 1000 pts playing a another new nid player. Come ready to partner play! 2k and 1k I'll do the same and we can hash it out there at dark tower in Bellingham Washington


Sounds good to me. What time did you and the nid player have in mind?

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5:30 to 6 arrival... I should be there 5:30 but sometimes I get delayed...

Copy that, see you then. I hope you are not waylaid along the road.

How about 12 on Sat? 1850. Are you ok with facing my crazy idea list that is kinda rough?

That time suits me. I have no issue with a crazy list, so long as there's a battle to be had.


See you at 12 noon Saturday then.

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