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Demo a game of Infinity?


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I have gotten the box set … and I have just cracked it open.  I have not pulled out the mini's and started assembling anything yet.  But I have been thumbing through the rules and reading material online.  I am hoping to pull out some proxy mini's and try to learn to play.  But with the holidays here its going to be hard to get the time till Jan.  Anyhow - I am south of PDX - (hubbard) area… between Canby / Aurora and Woodburn.  I'll be open to have a garage learning Infinity afternoon at some point :ph34r:



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Skapapa, if you're in Portland I'd be happy to run a demo game for you. I'm the official Portland area Warcor. My mobility is limited since I don't own a car, but I work near Red Castle Games in SE Portland and I'm always happy to meet and play.  Send me a message if you're interested.


- Jake


I'd be interested in an demo as well - but it will have to wait till after the holidays are over :)

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