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Tuesday Game?

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well their enemies do their share of evaporating BEFORE that round generally.  yea i think two games of not being impressed with the mmu core, that'll be the last time i do that for a while.  never really was my cup of tea, but heck wanted to try it!  when you lose to woodelves in combat as a dwarf, well.. you're not seeing the table again lol.  ill also never ever forget the forest not steadfast thing.  havent had an airhead thing like that kick me in the teeth for a while.  strategy would have been much different if i remembered that, silly me.  woodies and their darn evil forests for the win.  should have burned them down with my flame canon that is still in repairs from constantly blowing up grumblegrumble dwarf grumble. good game.  we always have really bizarre games.  strange good and bad luck on both sides.  never really know whats going to happen!

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Yeah thanks for fitting me in last second mid day, was really my only window for a game this week so thanks for making it work!

With my Bretonnia army facing so much shooting and mobility, I think that there is very little I can do besides turn in circles and hope you decide to let me catch you.  I just don't have nearly enough speed or shooting to force you to engage and my units were going *poof* left and right.  Poor Knights dying in droves to those damn arrows.  Did they REALLY need to give them always-hit-on-3s AND armor piercing AND 30" range??  Yuck!  Color me envious :)

If I hadn't gotten a lucky 6-wound direct treb hit on your treeman at the end, you would have handily won that game without ever coming within reach of my army.  Makes me want to add some flying units or more Knights... but I'm forcing myself to remember, my army isn't supposed to be a tough Tournament army, it's going for a particular look and feel, above being able to handle everything.  I was happy to pull out a draw.  That said you have me thinking about how I can tweak it to deal with Non Engagement a little better!


On a less serious note: your Dragon Riding General is the biggest flying chicken ever, and doesn't deserve the honor of riding such a splendid beast of war!  So HAH, take THAT you pansy Elf!!   :tongue: 

Thanks again for coming by, it was great to see you and we had a fun and a very thought-provoking game!!

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