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F the flu

Brother Glacius

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Damn. I got bitch-slapped hard this week. The flu hit me Wed afternoon and my fever didn't break until Friday night. I've been in bed for 5 solid days. This thing was a monster. If someone in your office gets it, work from home, wash your hands every 5 minutes, put a freaking bubble over your head....do not catch this thing. This is the worst that I have been ill for at least five years if not longer. The most horrible part of it was the inability to sleep. I kid you not, I did not sleep for three solid days. I'm sure I went unconscious a few times...but nothing I could actually point to and say I lost time on. It was brutal. My wife is currently suffering it. Seems both of my daughters got sick, but they fared much better than the adults...thank god. Anyways, just wanted to share. I probably won't be at GN on Tuesday just so I don't spread it around...to be on the safe side.

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Sorry to hear that, Bro. G. Glad you are better now and hope your family gets better soon.


Wish I could say that your's was an isolated case, but I've already heard from a couple people about how brutal the flu is this season. What more can you say about a virus where the vaccine is only 20% effective?

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