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Looking ahead to the upcoming Annihilation Tourney


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I know its still over a month away but ive started thinking about what build I will bring to it.


After checking around I noticed there are a few different rule sets for these types of tournaments and was wondering if we can perhaps discuss what set we will be going with or what would be our "custom" ruleset.


Ive got some options I would like to start working to add in during escalation and some are rather extensive build/paint projects(IK,Stormwolf for instance) it would be nice to know what direction to take on this as I would really like to at least take a fully painted army to the Annihilation, since that probably will be the only points I would get,lol.


After checking out the Adepticon Highlander rules for this years event I can see its going be a bit tricky for me to fit my army into that set.That ruleset would force me to take a full infantry platoon,as in one of each element of the platoon,something ive never ran before but Ive been wanting to run a conscript blob with a commissar anyway.Also no Battle Brothers as they are treated as Allies of Convenience instead,I can adjust for that no prob:).Also using a LR tank commander unit is out as it requires 2 tanks and that's a no...but I think ill run into that in any Highlander tourney.


The other rule set I was checking out was the LVO,that one seemed pretty basic not saying much other than the usual "Take all Troops Options" before repeating.I could see a lot of questions being asked on that one.


Another question I have is on dedicated transports,im assuming there can only be one of each type available? or does that follow the same rules as for the troops section?


And what if you take a formation that has multiples in its requirement? are those formations not allowed then?.

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I can't speak to the Adepticon version, but the LVO version is pretty simple. I asked Reece recently about it and he said that an Infantry Platoon counts as a single "choice" and thus you are allowed to take anything you want from within it (such as multiple Infantry/Special/Heavy squads), but not multiple dedicated transports. (You are right in thinking that dedicated transports are bound by the same rules as all other units and you cannot duplicate them, even if they are taken as troops.)


Note that under LVO taking a Tank Commander is legal, as the fact that there are two tanks in the squad is irrelevant, just as the fact that there are four Tactical Marines in a squad is irrelevant. The limitations are on units, not models.


You cannot take formations that require having more than one of a particular squad (unless you can manage it because they are troops and you have taken one of every other option.) Any formations you take are bound by the same limitations as any other detachments you choose under the Highlander system. This does mean that many formations, including the Adamantine Lance and Firebase Cadre, are unavailable in this format.


I'm not sure what the "Annihilation" format you're talking about, so I can't really comment specifically on that, only on the LVO rules.

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