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H: Lot of Shadowrun RPG books, W:$


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I have a large lot of old shadowrun RPG books I can no longer justify keeping. Most are out of print, largely all before 4th edition. If interested, please make an offer for the lot, I am not looking to sell individual books at this time, I prefer to sell the whole lot in one go. All have a good bit of wear on the spine/corners, but are otherwise perfectly usable.

In no particular order:

Man and Machine: Cyberware 7126
Shadowtech 7110
Street Samurai Catalog 7104
Cybertechnology 7119
Awakenings 7120
Rigger 2 7906
Magic in the Shadows 7907
Virtual Realities 2.0 7904
Rigger Black Book 7108
Shadowrun Quick Start Rules 7002
Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets 7122
Cyberpirates! 7124
Shadowbeat 7109
Fields of Fire 7114
Underworld Sourcebook 7123
Cannon Companion 7908
Shadowrun Companion 7905
Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows 7905
Corporate Security Handbook 7118
Corporate Shadowfiles 7113
Corporate Download 7125
Threats 7121
Prime Runners 7116
Lone Star 7115
The Neo-Anarchists' Guide to Real Life 7208
The Neo-Anarchists' Guide to North America 7208
Sprawl Sites 7103
Tir Na Nog 7211
Tir Tairngire 7210
London Sourcebook 7203
Aztlan 7213
California Free State 7209
Germany Sourcebook 7204
Seattle Sourcebook 7201
New Seattle 7216
Native American Nations: Vol 1 7202
Native American Nations: Vol 2 7207
Target: Smuggler Havens 7215
Target: UCAS 7214
Bug City 7117
Brainscan 7331
Blood in the Boardroom 7327
First Run 7329
Mercurial 7302
Corporate Punishment 7330
Eye Witness 7316
Mob War 7326
Divided Assets 7318
Celtic Double-Cross 7315
Bottled Demon 7305
Total Eclipse 7308
Dream Chipper 7303
Ivy & Chrome 7311
Hi Tech and Low Life: The Art of Shadowrun 7701
Sprawl Maps 7401
Denver City of Shadows 7212 (unknown if complete)
Shadowrun (Second Edition Rule Book) 7901
Shadowrun (Third Edition Rule Book) 7001

Please PM with an offer for the lot. If they're still listed in the ad I still have them. Hardbacks in the picture (4th & 5th ed books) are not for sale at this time.  I am also interested in X-wing Miniatures trades.

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I'm not really sure. I've seen a lot of these on half.com for $3-8 fairly regularly in various conditions, but that is individual titles. Let me know what you think is reasonable for the lot if you're interested. They're just taking up space on a shelf in an unused room right now, so I'm not looking to make a car payment from their sale.

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