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Mordheim in Bellevue?


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Hey Eastside Seattleites -

Mox Boarding House / Heroic Knight Games

Gauging interest in playing a Mordheim campaign sometime in the future. I've been itching to put together a board after seeing the great things coming out of F.A.T. mat and 4Ground's Mordanburg line. I also scored a great deal on a Dreadstone Blight, Witchfate Tor and some scatter terrain from Thomarillion.

I think most of you are familiar with the game and - to those who aren't - the rules are all free online. It's a skirmish game set in a medieval city hit by a comet - shards of wyrdstone lie scattered about ripe for the picking. You build a warband of around 9-15 models who progress/decline as the campaign goes on. There's lots of cool themed warbands like Witch Hunters, Skaven assassins, undead, mercenary scum and more.

Another thing that's cool is that you could use miniatures from any line. A lot of the Warmachine/Hordes models could easily stand in was warbands, as would Avatars of War, Alkemy, Reaper, etc.

Just testing the waters to see if people would play before building the terrain. Who knows, it may be handy if 9th Ed's skirmish rules prove true.

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That's great!  Are you able to make it to Mox at all?  There's been some interest among the new group of Fantasy players there too.  You can check it out at the Dimensional Cascade boards - www.dimensionalcascade.com


I'm just up in Issaquah so making it down to your place on the odd weekend isn't hard to do.  Most of the time I've got family stuff going on though but I think we could swing some games in.

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After reading some forums, I think we should set a few ground rules for the campaign.


For example, slings are completely overpowered for two gold. I think they should be changed to STR 2, +1 to saves, and a shorter range.


Axes aren't very viable compared to maces and clubs.


Shields should be more like +2 to your save. There shouldn't be a penalty for heavy armor plus a shield. 


Nurgle's Rot on Carnival of Chaos sounds too powerful.


Stupidity is incredibly punishing and should be toned down.


The Shadow Elves are apparently broken.

When tied for initiative, if you roll the same to go first attacks should be simultaneous.


I've never played Mordheim, but been around enough long enough to recognize imbalance when I see it.


I'll probably be playing a Merc band as my primary so maybe these issues won't come up.

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I would be cool with -1 for the offhand weapon, but not -1 to both attacks.


I have my warband mostly assembled. I could also throw together skaven, Orcs, or chaos from existing models.


Empire Free Company is back in stock on the GW website!


Maybe I will work on terrain tonight.


Mox boarding house is viable most likely.

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Quick update: My human gang is just about done being modeled. I have 4 new intact buildings done or nearly so, ready to be primed.


I moved the optional house rules to its own thread. We don't have to alter the base rules if it is a deal breaker.


I can field other factions at a moment's notice, orks, skaven, chaos, undead for example.

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Hey Chaos - haven't disappeared on ya.  Two guys from the Dimensional Cascade board brought their amazing collection of Tabletop World terrain last night and we ran through a refresher game.  Will post some pictures once Photobucket is working again.  Driving from West Seattle was a bit of a pain for them so we talked about playing every-other-week, taking turns between Mox and Card Kingdom.  Which seems fair.  Players can arrange games on their own, of course so if you want to schedule something here on the east side that's cool.

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