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Interest in a FoW Campaign @GG?


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During the FoW tournament in PDX (at GG), there was some discussion about doing a campaign.
Do you have an interest?

There are lots of options.
1) Firestorm
2) Aces
3) Axis of Attack
4) Pre-baked, on the web
5) Home-grown ("roll your own")

At the Battlefront site, there are lots of resources:
Flames Of War Campaigns Landing Page

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Campaign could be fun. Would be something different for a while.  This past year we've only been playing practice games for upcoming tournaments.


Until a campaign kicks off, I would like to know what period people are playing for pick-up games cause I can bring stuff for any period & any side, I just don't want to cart all of it. 2 armies I do regularly, 3 I can do, but all 10 every thursday? No Way.

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Focusing on the Firestorm campaigns, unless someone has one of the Boxed Firestorm sets (Bargation or Market-Garden), then the options are the limited to the online resources:


Firestorm: Norway (EW)
Firestorm: Caen (LW)
Firestorm: Overlord (--huge--) (LW)
Firestorm: Cherbourg & St. Lô (LW)
Firestorm: Lorraine (LW)
Firestorm: Greece (EW, Burning Empires)
Firestorm: Warsaw (LW)
Firestorm: Villers-Bretonneux (WWI)

Firestom Boxed Sets:
     Firestorm Market Garden: Downloadable Resources
               I don't think that this can be played without the box set.

     These boxed sets appear to be discontinued and out of stock in the popular outlets.
          Flames of War: Firestorm Market Garden
             out-of-stock: http://www.thewarstore.com/product53451.html

          Flames of War: Firestorm Bagration
              Perhaps a used copy at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Flames-War-Bagartion-Firestorm-Campaign/dp/B001TIDA4U

          Bagration and Market Garden Might be available on eBay


I took a quick look at the nationalities and types of forces for a few of the online Firestorm Campaigns:


Firestorm Lorraine: Mini Campaign
US Armor
US Inf
Free french Armor (2DB)
GE Panzer
GE PzGren
GE Inf
    Comment on the FoW page: " Ideally you should play forces from Blood Guts and Glory for this Campaign and the other forces from Turning Tide and Earth and Steel. There are also good Briefings on the 17. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision “Götz von Berlichingen” and French 2éme Division Blindée on the Flames of War website. Likewise if you all agree you should also play using only M4, M4A1, M4A1 (76mm) and all M4A3 versions since other Shermans had not yet entered service."

Firestorm: Caen
BR Para
BR Arm
BR Inf

GE Wehrmacht Panzer
GE Wehrmacht Inf
GE SS Panzer
GE SS PanzerGren

Firestorm: Cherbourg & St. Lô
US Armor
US Inf (Leg, Para, Ranger)
US Mech/Cav
GE Wehrmacht Panzer (Pz Lehr, StuG & captured French)
GE Wehrmacht Inf
GE SS Panzer
GE SS PanzerGren

So I suggest you look at the details, spread the word, and decide when we want to get a group vote.


I have no preference, since I only have Russians painted, at the moment.


I have unpainted germans, so I could paint them up for MW or LW:

  -- 5xTiger IE (Panzers Marsh!) (MW, LW)

  -- 5x StuG G Plt (MW, LW)

  -- 5x Panzer IV J (LW)

  -- 1x PanzerGren Platoon (Gepanzert)

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last Thursday, you mentioned using the free Firestorm: Overlord as the basis for our campaign.


Information and downloads on that campaign are here:

Firestorm: Overlord, at


and a battle report is here:


Next steps:

- talking schedule,

- sizing up participation, and

- logistics (armies already avail, armies to paint, terrain on hand, terrain needed).


I am interested in filling some gaps in armies, as I only have one army at the moment, and they will not be in this campaign - Russians.

I can also build out some terrain, if we are short.

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