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Question: Renegade/Traitor Guard


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Hello there,


When I get time I will research further, but I was hoping some of the friendly local gamers could point me in the right direction.  Was fortunate enough to stumble upon a big slew of CSM and IG models on the cheap.  I already had some CSM stuff so I figure that I'll paint them all up as a big Chaos-y force.  My questions follow:


1.  Is the appropriate codex for the renegade/traitor guard the Astra Militarium codex and then just paint them suitably Chaos-y?


2.  If I choose to ally them with Chaos Space Marines, I'd use two detachments correct?  The renegades and the CSM?  I already have the makings of a small CSM army so I kinda got the guard army because of the existing CSM army.


3.  If daemons enter the fray, is this even possible?  (i.e. 3 detachments due to renegades, CSM and daemons)



Now I understand that this, due to my gameplay record, is theoretical but let's assume I'm actually going to build army lists and play... quit your snickering! 


I just don't want to build a bunch o' renegade/traitor guard only to learn that allying them with an existing CSM/daemon force would be impossible.


Thanks in advance for your input.


Stay safe,



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The Beauty of 40k nowadays (and yes heavy snickering) is that with the rules you could take whatever. If your model painting is anything like your board painting then as long as you model it good you could do whatever.


If you go unbound which is apparently the coolest thing since gluten free bread, you can take any models, anything, whenever.


If you go battleforged you have to bring them in detachments. If you go battleforged you also have to follow the rules for allies, i.e.) allies of convenience, battle bros etc.


Not to nitpick what you're saying just to bring it back to nids, however I was planning on taking my Nids to OFCC, teamed up with a unit of Tau Broadsides and also a unit of Eldar Warp Spyders. This is totes ma gotes too legit to quit, if you're picking up what I am putting down. Helpful? I'd think so.

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Thanks for the reply.


I'm on record as *NOT* being a fan of "unbound."  So battle-forged is the way I'll go.  However, I'm obviously not a person that's gamed a ton in 7th edition (or 6th or 5th or 4th but I digress)... so I wasn't sure about possibilities. 


I got the Chaos Space Marine force because sometimes you just wanna watch the world burn, I guess... and the fluff I would gravitate towards would be Khorne with regards to daemons and/or army additions.  But then this IG army literally came along with the CSM so I started thinking renegades.


But I also am not a fan of cheesy army lists and would rather play to my own storyline and get mopped up but have fun rather than focus on winning.  So I was thinking that the CSM would love to have some cannon fodder; thus, IG.  But didn't know how hard it would be to have a daemon here and there with that force.


And with regards to picking up what you're putting down... I'm not sure I do.  I would think that a 'nids force with Tau and Eldar would bring my senses to near-madness because who would ever ally with 'nids?  Is that what you meant (i.e. unbound is cheesier than a Velveeta tanker crashing into a Kraft factory in Wisconsin)?

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Unbound can be really cheesy if you like. I mean if you are bringing 5 Knight Titans then yeah you could become as cheesy as Chester cheetah's engagement to Brett Farve. However that tends to be a real knee jerk reaction. Correct me if I am wrong other hamsters, but even if there are unbound lists then tend to not be that bad. Up here in Bellingham you most likely won't see douches, aside from myself (but that is for many other reasons). I have found that I could have more fluffy lists that were balanced.


And how you ask. The one all be all for Nids. Genestealer cults. They were infected and now the virus is active and they are linked to the hive mind. Wham Bam Thank you Mam.

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Oh yeah, However that is the Scapegoat fluff for really any army.


Allied w/:


Demons/Chaos - "oh they just became evil"

Necrons - "They saw a greater good in allying"

Tau - "They are the greater good in allying"

Eldar - "They can psychically command others to do their will"

D. Eldar - "They just got people addicted to drugs"

and so on and so fourth


The moral is that if you can dream it, it can be justified to be allied with.

Except for North Korea for some weird reason. Hmm....

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Imperial armor 13 from my understanding has an awesome traitors list.


As for battleforged all that is required is that all your models be organized according to ddetachments (any number and formations are special detachments). Technically you always follow the ally rules as this tells you how the factions (books) interact, ie ICs joining squads deployment distances etc. The only restriction on type of ally in an army list is self inflicted (no come the apocalypse for example. I like this manner cuz it does allow for IG and nids. Come the apocalypse allies can not deploy with in 12" of each other but IG with some deep striking and out flanking nids makes a very fluffy Genestealers cult, all in how you forge the narrative


Also shae five knights would be battleforged :D

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