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looking for trades for x-wing

Don't Panic

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so i want to get into ARMADA(sorry for some reason i thought armada was just a continuation of xwing.. noob alert).  i have a few things up for trade!  :

(all of these miniatures mentioned are unpainted and primed)

-Thanquol End Times book(hardback)

-dwarf slayer characters/command

-woc 10 knights, tons of old school metal woc characters, chimera(this thing is painted, ill post a pic if there's interest)

-empire book, hellblaster, 2 outriders, halbs, old school greatswords?(willing to basically trade off my empire start army)

-basically if you're looking for something from whfb empire/dwarfs/beastmen/woc let me know and maybe we can strike a trade of some sort!

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