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Thank you for everyone's kindness at the tourney!


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Hello there,


Just wanted to give a heartfelt "thank you" for everyone's kindness to me at the tournament on Saturday at Dark Tower Games.


It was nice to put names and faces to internet handles / avatars and I have to add that I give my sincerest apologies if anyone was ever talking to me or at me and I didn't seem to notice.  I can't hear much on my left side due to some work issues so please, please, please don't take it that I wasn't interested in talking with you, or was "too cool" or was being snobbish.  I literally hear like I'm underwater most of the time and have constant tinnitus (sp?) on my left side.


I had a blast, everyone was very welcoming and I look forward to gaming with you fine folks in the future!


Stay safe and thank you again!



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For those that don't know, I've recently returned to the 40k hobby after a loooong layoff... 3rd edition, to be precise.  So I got my 4th, 5th and 6th games in today at the tournament.  My sincerest thanks to not only the host Dark Tower Games, the tournament organizers and all my opponents... but also to all those in attendance that were very welcoming, helpful and kind to me.  I was almost getting the hang of some of the rules by the end of the day!  ha ha ha     All my opponents were a blast to play and I had a great time... very lucky in my second game, to say the least and the third game was an absolute curb stomping by my opponent... I want to say he had like 8 points by the second turn and went on to annihilate me like 1390481329034183 to 0, I would assume.


For "forge the narrative" factor, the last time I was playing in 3rd edition my buddy and I would always play campaigns like we were way out on the fringes.  I play a Dark Angels successor chapter.  Well, I guess some warp storms occurred and I translated back into the 40k universe a few editions later... so my long-range reconnaissance probes have come back with enough intelligence on some adversaries for me to run simulations in my tactical briefings whilst headed back into the system proper to fight for the Emperor.  Thus, my battle reports are reports of simulations...




+ + + TRANSMITTED:  vessel "Hammer of Roidia"
+ + + RECEIVED:  vessel "Pathfinder"
+ + + DESTINATION:  Classified 
+ + + DATE:  6003999.M41

+ + + TELEPATHIC DUCT:  Astropath Tavle
+ + + REF:  CF/23134314112344-124348413-1/GA
+ + + AUTHOR:  Ensign Dese
+ + + SUBJECT:  Tactical Simulations
+ + + THOUGHT:  You Have the Rest of Your Life to Solve the Problem At Hand.  How Long Your Life Lasts Depends on Your Ability to Do This.




Utilizing the encrypted data provided in your last short-burst transmissions, tactical simulations were created and Interrogator-Chaplain Neproxiam's assault force was put through their paces.  Summaries follow hereafter.


SIMULATION ONE - Chaos Space Marine force

Tactical scenario:  "Purge the Alien"

Terrain:  Simulated ruins in otherwise cleared area; deployment pattern "Dawn of War"


All four combat squads (4th company - Ryante/Vanniea and 3rd company - Z'Awan/Wogni) kept to their Rhinos and tucked behind sizeable ruined buildings to the southeast whilst Scout Squad Ch'Dassi climbed into the ruined buildings.  Techmarine Vidy bolstered the ruined building's defenses as best he could in such a short time.  Interrogator-Chaplain Neproxiam and his Ravenwing Command Squad joined the Rhinos behind the ruined buildings as the scouts provided intel on the approaching Chaos force.  Discretion was viewed as the tactically sound option at this point, as the opposing force seemed to be much larger.


Two groups of cultists scurried in from the north and northwest, a small squad of raptors flew down from the northeast, and two rhinos followed the cultists.  A squad of Thousand Sons Marines were well behind the cultists to the north.  The unmistakable noise of a Maulerfiend could be heard to the far northwest and the scouts broadcast that a foul Daemon Prince was flying into view from the north, rapidly approaching the ruined buildings.  Could he already know of our presence?


1a.  Shots suddenly rang out from the ruined building set to the north center... a squad of Havocs had already been inside the building!  Our position had been revealed!  The havocs' shots did little but their fire drew the attention of a lumbering Hellbrute, who downed one of the scouts with autocannon fire.  Due to the distance, most of the other Chaos forces chose to close the distance rather than fire.  The scouts broadcast that the Chaos line was holding spread across the field... the time was right to hammer their flank!  The command was given and battle commenced...


1b.  4th Company's rhino left its position and churned towards the Raptors, downing their leader with storm bolter fire.  Interrogator-Chaplain Neproxiam and his Ravenwing Command Squad surged out of their position and headed straight for the approaching Rhino to the northeast.  Plasma talon fire cause this Rhino to violently explode, spilling forth the squad of Traitor Marines inside.  First blood was ours!


2a.  A Heldrake flew in towards the center of the field and most of the Chaos forces moved east/southeast in order to engage our flanking squad.  Realizing perhaps too late that they were far too distant, many of the Traitor forces chose to forego shooting to close more distance.  The Havocs down another scout and one of Neproxiam's Ravenwing Command Squad was lost to the Traitor Marines from the exploded Rhino.  Vengeance would be ours and their eastern flank saw that too few guns were able to be brought to bear on the onrushing force.


2b.  The Ravenwing Support Squad timed their arrival perfectly and bolstered the eastern flank.  The Storm Eagle entered from the south and prepared to disgorge its passengers at the Daemon Prince should he hold his general location.  The Ravenwing Support Squad obliterated the squad of Raptors and paved the way for Interrogator-Chaplain Neproxiam's force to begin their assault.  The squad killed the Traitor Marine squad from the Rhino utterly and pushed towards the onrushing cultists and Thousand Sons Marines behind them.  Throttles were maxed out and the need to get into close combat was paramount.


3a.  The Daemon Prince came closer to the ruined building containing the scouts and the Heldrake went after the Storm Eagle.  The other forces continued to attempt to close on the rapidly-deteriorating eastern flank, but most were still too far out of range to support.  Some of the cultists downed a Ravenwing Command Squad member but all other shooting was negligible.  The Traitors braced for the inevitable charge they were about to receive...


3b.  All forces moved into support positions for assault.  The Ravenwing Support Squad destroyed the Hellbrute in a fusilade of krak missiles from their typhoon missile launchers, further caving the eastern flank, which was totally owned by Loyalist forces now.  Interrogator-Chaplain Neproxiam's squad unleashed against the cultist horde, destroying them uttterly; the Thousand Sons Marines were next.  The Ravenwing Dark Talon arrived and began a bombing run against the Daemon Prince, which would time perfectly with the Deathwing Knights' charge.  Affected by the stasis bomb, the Daemon Prince falls to Knight Master Dr'Lono's squad and victory is ours.


(My opponent and I were new players and we had a heck of a good time!  Great storyline, what with CSM and DA, and it was neat seeing the havocs and scouts basically trade shots into cover the entire battle!  I was greatly helped by how spread out my opponent's battle line was and was glad that Maulerfiend was never able to get into close combat.  My opponent said that his Daemon Prince had never fallen before, so I took a moral victory from that!  Way fun game and great opponent!)




Tactical scenario:  "Crusade"

Terrain:  Battlefield with trenches, large building in center of battlefield; deployment pattern "Hammer and Anvil"


Three objectives were broadcast as imperative in this scenario:  one set up to the east, one to the north and one to the southwest.


A large Tau incursion force set up to the west:  two Hammerheads; three Devilfish; I think three squads of Pathfinders; two Riptides and a large firebase with a Commander and Broadsides.  A Stealth Team squad set up in an emplacement to the north, almost at the objective.


Interrogator-Chaplain Neproxiam and his Ravenwing Command Squad set up to the east of the large building in the center, attempting to conceal themselves from the absolutely massive amount of firepower presented by the Tau force.  The combat squads' Rhinos parked on top of the objective to the east with the hopes that a firebase or bunker could be held on this objective.  The Scout squad set up in the bolstered trenchline to the southeast in order to support the aforementioned firebase or bunker.  As is often the case, tacticians plan and the universe laughs...


1a.  Both Rhinos explode under a hailstorm of fire from the Riptides.  The "missile base" of the Broadsides and drones almost obliterate the scout squad due to their "ignore cover" warheads.  In less than one minute almost every Loyalist unit present had taken casualties!


1b.  Get.  Out.  Of.  Sight.  The combat squads that could hunkered behind the burning shells of their transports whilst the other clambered for the trenchline, hoping to be able to weather the storm.  In order to take the focus of the rapidly-depleting forces, Interrogator-Chaplain Neproxiam and his Ravenwing Command Squad charge at the northern riptide and actually manage to engage it in close combat, bringing it down to its last wound... at least we were in close combat so would be shielded from shooting.  Right?


2a.  Wrong.  The northern Riptide nova charges and detonates, opening shooting lanes for the Tau forces.  Apothecary Lezal quickly remarks that he brought extra gauze and the firestorm engulfs the team.  Markerlights galore target the squad and amazingly the fire from the Hammerheads, the "missile base" and the nearby Stealth team only drop two riders!  The Hammerhead to the far west unloads on the combat squads in the trenches and 8 are removed... there appears to be nowhere to hide.  The other combat squads wonder if their combat knives can cut sizeable openings in the ruined Rhinos for them to crawl into...


2b.  No reserve forces arrive, as the Tau Commander has garbled our communications.  With no support, Interrogator-Chaplain Neproxiam and his remaining Ravenwing Command Squad charge at the "missile base," launching themselves over the trenchline and bypassing Tau forces to do this.  Until the Tau Commander is brought down, no hope exists for the Loyalists.  The "missile base" is finally engaged by Neproxiam and his squad... wiping out all of the Tau and their warlord.  The squad is able to veer off and get behind a Hammerhead to protect itself from Tau shooting


3a.  The Tau forces have little to shoot at so most of them move east to get closer to the northern and southwestern objectives.  The Ravenwing Command Squad again survives a multitude of shots against it; Apothecary Lezal is commended but is clearly running out of medical supplies by this point.  The rosarius on Interrogator-Chaplain Neproxiam's necklace is glowing brightly and may just melt from overuse.


3b.  The Storm Eagle carrying the Deathwing Knights screams into the fray and targets the southwestern objective.  The Ravenwing Support Squad also arrives and moves to support, creating a formidible gunline to the northeast.  A lascannon marine downs a Devilfish and it blossoms in a fiery explosion, killing 7 of its passengers.  The Storm Eagle downs another Devilfish and the Ravenwing Support Squad almost obliterates the crew as they spill out.  Neproxiam's squad destroys the Hammerhead with a melta bomb and they set off towards the Stealth team to the east, as this is the highest-rated unit near an objective.


4a.  The outstretched Tau forces move in order to clear lanes of fire and prepare for the inevitable assault; the center of the battlefield has become a graveyard.  Nexproxiam's unit is engaged by remaining forces in range and everyone is removed save Neproxiam himself.  The Stealth team downs two of the Typhoon speeders in the Ravenwing Support Squad and quickly turn around to face the charging Interrogator-Chaplain...


4b.  The Ravenwin Dark Talon, no longer having communications problems due to the Tau Commander's demise, arrives and promptly begins a strafing run and clears out a Pathfinder squad.  The Deathwing Knights spill from the Storm Eagle and take the Riptide down to its last wound.  Neproxiam finally falls to overwatch from the Stealth team, but Loyalist forces are by now on top of the northern objective as well as the eastern... victory is ours!


(I chalk this "win" to luck:  lucky feel-no-pain / rosarius saves and actually his keeping my reserves off the board for an additional turn ended up working out to my advantage.  I think that if more of my models were on the board he would've just shot them off... so with nothing to shoot at, he moved... and thus spread out his forces.  By the time my reserves arrived his "missile base" was in close combat and my volume of fire could overlap and start chewing up his forces in the center of the table.  But make no bones about it:  I used up all my saves in this game.  The sheer volume of fire presented by the Tau force was staggering.  I thought for sure when his Riptide nova'd and cleared his shooting at my Command Squad they would be wiped off the map... so I humbly accepted the victory and had no bones broadcasting to everyone that it had nothing to do with some brilliant generalship.)



SIMULATION THREE - Minotaurs Space Marines

Tactical scenario:  "Deadlock"

Terrain:  Simulated ruins in otherwise cleared area; deployment pattern "Dawn of War"


(Not much to actually write here, as the game was effectively over in turn one.  He had four objectives due to deployment/movement by the end of his turn and with these blasted cards he kept whopping up point totals.  I have to say that if given the choice I don't think I'll ever want to play with the Tactical Objective cards as I'm not a fan.  I've heard from some folks that they like them because they add a variable... but I don't see how the "added orders" from command quickly outpace the primary objectives that quickly.  But that's just me.)


(He had some super-souped Land Raider with a squad of like 20 @$$ kickers in it with relic blades, power swords, power axes, etc. and they basically cross-cut shred anything they touched.  His Fire Raptor was cool and devastating... that's what I've been saving up to get for a while, as I like the Storm Eagle and the Fire Raptor looks cool as heck.  If it were a "stand-up fight" I would've been able to hold my own better, as I would've just come up his eastern flank and see where that got me.  He was pretty spread out but that Fire Raptor was nigh invincible and just eradicated everything, so that would've been my priority.  That and avoiding the super Land Raider and its crew... nasty stuff there!)


(I feel bad that I didn't give my opponent a better game, but he knew the game like the back of his hand and I'm still a noob.  But there were 4 of us that scored 2 wins / 0 losses by this point so either way I was going to be paired with heavy hitters.  The other 2-0s were a Necron stud and an Eldar stud, so my @$$ was gonna get handed to me no matter what.  ha ha.  But my opponent was cool and never was "ha ha ha, I'm wiping the floor with you!" which I appreciated and I at least tried to be a gracious commander as everyone on my side of the table was being ground into paste.)





So I had a blast, got to play my 4th, 5th and 6th games and really met some great opponents!  I used to do the competitive tournament scene in 3rd edition and am glad that I'm just doing the casual gaming this time around.  Even got home in time to bust out a workout since wifey poo was asleep! 


Thanks again to everyone that partook in the tournament and exhibited oodles of patience with me and my "sorry, I'm still learning" slowness, to the organizers who would kindly answer questions for me and to Dark Tower Games for hosting... I really had a great time and cannot thank you all enough!


Stay safe,



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Don great to see that you exist. Unless of course you are a hired actor, in which case that was one helluva performance.  Encore. But nonetheless it was awesome and hope you had fun. More importantly I hope this tourney was the oxygen tank to your pilot light. Or in your terms, the flashbang before the breach. Can't wait to see you out more.

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Tucker, no problem at all!  Love to play again!


I've started painting again and so far I've painted up:  an Ork deff dread; a Tyranid venomthrope; the remainder of a tactical squad; and now starting on a blob o' 35 cultists.  (I paint in a rotation... lol)


I'll check the schedule!


Stay safe,



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