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Musings on an OFCC list


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I've been tinkering with a tyranid list for OFCC.  I still may bring Skitarii, but this is my other thought. I want something for the team event that really captures the spirit of the event, i.e. a list you don't see a lot that is fun for an opponent.  How would people feel seeing this:


List Name: In My Day We Devoured Worlds The Old Fashioned Way - In Close Combat, and It was Good Enough For Us, and We Liked It.

Faction: Tyranids

Combined Arms Detachment



Swarm lord with 3 Tyrant Guard with Scything Talons and Rending Claws

Hive Tyrant, Reaper of Obliterax, Wings, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Old Adversary



Children of Cryptus

10 Hormagaunts

6 Rippers, deep strike, toxin sacs

1 Mucolid Spore





3 Zoanthropes w Neurothrope upgrade








Tyrannocyte with deathspitters

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Overall, looks pretty fun. There are some changes I personally would make, but they're mostly matters of preference.


Not really feeling the 10 Hormies. If you just want a screen, I'd go with Gargs, if you want them to actually do something, I'd take them up to at least 15 or so (and ideally add Adrenal Glands, but that gets way spendy).  Dropping Toxin from the Rippers and maybe the Mucolid as well should get you there either way.


I'd probably split the Rippers into 2x3 for more flexibility, too.


Also, the full Phodian Annihilation Swarm has some pretty cool buffs. The Warriors are a sub-optimal setup, but the benefits they get from the Formation are really cool. The Fex is pretty much meh, but the extra bonuses for the full Formation seem like they could make it worth the tax, tho.

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