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Martian Ironearth

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That is a really cool product. I'd seen pictures, but it's not the same as actually slapping it on and seeing how it turns out. It takes a ton of it to get a really good cracked effect, but even on the bases where I only managed that on parts, the overall effect is very cool. Gonna need to buy a lot more of it, given that I'm using it on the bases for my Knights as well as a boatload of Skitarii.

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On my test models, I could pretty clearly see the areas where I managed to get it nice and thick vs. the spots where I'd just put it on at more or less normal paint thickness. One nice consequence is that it tended to go on thicker where something was on the base, like models' feet, giving a bit of an impression that they're cracking the surface as they walk.


I'm really interested to see how it comes out on my Knights, where I've already used Golden Crackle Medium on the bases around their feet.

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