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gutstar swedish question

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The Swedish comp rules  state the following for Ogres. 



3rd* non-Hunter Character -2
4th* non-Hunter Character -4
Each non-Hunter Character after the 4th* -6
*Each lord choice after the 2nd counts as 2 characters 


My interpretation of this is, if you are running multiple characters in a Gutstar, any past the 2nd will cost additional minuses. I would like to run 5 characters in my list but only 3 will be in the Gutstar. Does that mean I take the additional -4 and -6 even if those characters are not in the Gutstar unit?




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Yeah, another painful example is that if you run a Dark Elf character (e.g. Sorceress) with MR (e.g. Ring of Hotek) meant to protect your Cold One Knights, you take a huge hit if you have Warlocks, because theoretically you could create a 2+ ward vs. magic unit.  Kind of a bummer but at least everyone suffers somewhat together :)

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