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I want Robots!


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Good timing - I have some Gundam models and Saint Seiya stuff I'm looking to sell for cheap.

Make me an offer!

Also have Evangelion figures, Spawn Nitroracers and a bunch of Star Wars Episode I vehicles / figures too.



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Pax. It's both. I collect and deal so that I can continue to collect.

Was just asking. I occasionally see transformers at goodwill, or similar locations. If the point was just for conversions in 40k, I'd give you a PM regarding them. I haven't found anything collectable or valuable yet on the robot end of things.


I did find this shoddy "modern" optimus prime truck which I'm thinking would make a cool ork vehicle, 'cause orks would totally be the race in 40k that would deal with autobots. DE or chaos would take decepticons, while the imperium would sic the legio cybernetica on those thinking machines...

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