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Skulls for the Skull Throne


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There was a 1250 Tournament at Blue Sky Hobbies over in Bremerton on Saturday. Basically ITC limitations, but they don't allow LoW below 1850. I've been trying to make it to one of their events since last August, but stuff has kept getting in the way, so I decided I was definitely going to make this one, even tho I was working Friday night. Given that I was going to be rocking some major sleep dep, and likely would make some serious play errors as well, I decided to just take a for fun Khorne Daemonkin list instead of my Drop Wolves. Also, I've played the Wolves in my last three Tournaments, and I'm taking them to OFCC next month, and thought a bit of a break would be nice. Ended up playing three pretty cool dudes, and had a great time. Definitely going back, and if any of y'all end up in the area, I definitely recommend the store. Anyhow:


Daemonkin CAD


Chaos Lord, Juggernaut, 4++, Blade of Endless Bloodshed

2x8 Culties

2x5 Spawn

15 Flesh Hounds

3 MaulerFiends, Magma Cutters


Nice, simple, and crazy fast. Very fun to play. Basically a cut-down of my last OFCC list, except the DK Dex means I don't have to screw around with Unbound or massive Allies taxes to make it work. No details on the Blood Tithe, because I don't remember exactly how I used it, but it was mostly FNP, a couple of extra Attacks. Only summoned once, which I'll mention in the third Game.


Game 1

Modified Emperor's Will  (2 Maelstrom Objectives) vs. IG. All three Games used Dawn of War Deployment, since we were playing on 4x4 tables, which leaves pretty tiny Vanguard Deployment Zones, and makes Hammer and Anvil just pointlessly awkward.


CCS, Astropath, 2 Plasma Guns, Heavy Flamer, Medic, Chimera


2xVets w/Carapace, 2xMelta, Heavy Flamer, Taurox

5 Bullgryns

Devildog w/MultiMelta

Exterminator w/Lascannon

2 Wyverns in a Squadron


A couple of nice multi-level Ruins let me shelter my Objective and the Culties holding it from the Wyverns. There was a ring of open space in the middle around a wrecked Russ Terrain piece, and both Maelstrom Objectives ended up there. His EW Objective was in a similar setup, held by the Wyverns.


He went first, put his HQ, Devildog, and Bullgryns with Priest over on my left, then the Wyverns holding his Objective, the Exterminator in the middle, and the two Vet Squads over on the far right.


I basically lined everything up with a Maulerfiend in the middle, the other two and a unit of Spawn on my right, the Chaos Lord and the other Spawn on the left, one Unit of Culties huddled under cover from the Wyverns on my Objective, the other in Reserves, and then the Dogs Scouted out in front of everything.


His first Turn saw some desultory fire, due to lots of Ruins and Night Fight. He pushed forward with the Bullgryns, the Exterminator edged forward to grab a Maelstrom Objective, and the Tauroxen moved up a bit for better fields of fire. My first Turn mostly saw a bunch of ridiculously failed long distance Charges (I must admit, it feels less frustrating ending up with a 3" Charge for a Fleet Unit when I needed 10" and was probably failing anyhow than when I fail a Fleet 4" Charge ;) ), but my Chaos Lord and Spawn did manage to make it into contact with the Bullgryns. That fight lasted the rest of the Game, since the BoEB is S:User and the Priest kept using the Re-roll Saves Hymn to fend off the Spawn, while my Spawn kept rolling up the Armour Save ability.


Second Turn, his DevilDog rushed up and took out a MaulerFiend for the first kill of the Game. Pretty much everything else in his Army picked on the dogs, but I still had them spread out enough that they didn't lose much to the Wyverns, and 15 Hounds take a lot of killing. In return, another MaulerFiend came across and blew up the DevilDog, the third one got blocked in by some stupid movement on my part, the Dogs Charged and Wrecked the Exterminator (accomplishing both of my Maelstrom Objectives for the Turn, since a trailing Dog was within 3" of the Objective I needed), and the free Spawn Multi-Charged the Tauroxen, putting a HP on each.


Turn three saw the Wyverns take the Hounds down to 4 Models, while  the Vets opened up on the Spawn thrashing at their Tauroxen and basically everything else fired at the Fiend that had trashed the DevilDog, Wrecking it with some good rolls. On my Turn, the remaining Dogs and Spawn finished off the Tauroxen, but didn't manage to block them in, while the last MaulerFiend ran up to try to become relevant. It was still out of Charge Range, but held a Maelstrom Objective. My other group of Culties came on, but got a bad Run, and didn't manage to get under a roof.


Turn 4, the Wyverns vaporized the new Culty Squad, while the Vets who piled out of the Tauroxen finished off the Dogs and put a couple of Wounds on the Spawn. I then Charged one Vet Squad with the Spawn, wiping them out, while the MaulerFiend Charged and blew up the Wyverns.


We called it at the middle of Turn 5. He Charged into the existing combat with his CCS, and managed to drag down the last of my Spawn and the Chaos Lord (who had pretty bad Armour Saves all day, honestly), but lost the last Bullgryn and most of his Command Squad in the process. We were pretty close to the time limit at that point, and wouldn't get another full Turn, and I couldn't pull off anything that would change the final score, because if I went after the CCS with my MaulerFiend, I wouldn't have Linebreaker, so getting Warlord would just be a wash. I think the Spawn were still tied up with the other Vet Squad, having rolled 1 Attack each.


9-2, with me having both EW and Maelstrom, plus Linebreaker, and him with Big Game Hunter and Warlord. Wasn't really expecting that when I saw I was matched up with Mech Guard. I totally forgot that I was required to Challenge, which might have made a bit of a difference in the Bullgryn fight, at the very least keeping three S5 Attacks each Turn off my Spawn.


Game 2

Modified Big Guns (4 Objectives, which were also the Maelstrom Objectives) Vs. Orks


Mad Doc Grotsnik

2x10 Grots

6 MANz in a Battlewagon

6 (or so) Nobz in a Trukk

some Flash Gitz in a Battlewagon

Plasma Obliterator


The four Objectives pretty much went in the four corners, with each of us putting one in the back, where we could keep a Grot/Cultie Unit hiding on it, and the other a bit closer to the middle.


Being somewhat worried about the potential sheer volume of hits from the Obliterator, I spread out as well as I could, which was pretty well, since this table was less crowded than the last. Mission required his Fort to go down first, so I was able to weight my Fiends to that side of the table. Flash Gitz went down on my left, Nobz in the middle, Grotsnik and MANz on the right, near the Obliterator. One Mob of Grots in the Obliterator, the other on the far Objective.


This was a fast Game.Turn 1, I just raced forward. He moved the Nobz and MANz over toward my main mass, took a shot with the Obliterator, and some desultory fire from Flash Gits and MANz, but between Ork BS, Night Fight, and Daemon Saves, I just took a Wound on a Spawn, a couple on different Dogs, and a Glance on a Fiend.


Turn 2, I slammed one Fiend into the Obliterator, taking the gun off, while another Fiend and the Spawn Charged the MANz' Wagon and the Dogs Charged into the Nobz' Trukk. Didn't quite get the rolls I needed to completely surround them, but I was able to block a few of the Nobz, leaving 4. He counter-charged with the survivors, taking out all the Spawn with my Lord, but bouncing the Nobz and a Unit of Grots off the Dogs.


Turn 3, I threw all the Fiends into the combat with the MANz, while the Dogs and the other Unit of Spawn did manage to surround the other wagon, Wrecking it and wiping out the Flash Gitz. My Lord killed Grotsnik in a Challenge, while the Fiends killed all the MANz. We called it there, because he just had one Unit of Grots left huddling in the damaged Obliterator, while I had lost only a single Unit of Spawn.


Perfect Victory, 11-0


At this point, I was starting to realize that the general level of play around here didn't really seem to be up to the standard I've become used to. I'd been watching the games on each side of me to some extent, too, and few of the Armies really concerned me. So, of course, I ended up against one of the ones that did for Round 3:


Round 3: Modified Relic (2 Maelstrom Objectives) vs. Dark Eldar

Medusan or something cheap in Venom

2x5 Warriors with Blaster in Venom

2x8 Warriors in Raider with Splinter Racks

2x3 Reavers with Bladevanes

2x Razorwing

2x Ravager


Now, the Army kind of worried me, because it did definitely have answers for everything. Poison is really scary to Spawn, Dark Lances can handle Fiends, etc. But the Mission made me a lot more comfortable. This time, I slightly changed my usual Deployment. Instead of putting the Hounds behind everyone else and then Scouting them forward, I put them all the way forward so I could Scout them onto the Objective. My Opponent rolled up Night Fight, which made him happy until he realized I had no meaningful shooting whatsoever :D He then Seized the Initiative, which gave him a shot at the Relic, but ended up being detrimental in terms of Maelstrom points.


First Turn, not much happened. He focused everything on the Dogs, and gunned a few down, but rolled kind of horribly, so there were still a lot left. My first Turn was kind of awkward, since I was pulling the Dogs back to pass the Objective to a MaulerFiend, and trying to get them out of the way of the Spawn and other MaulerFiends that were moving up.


Turn 2, all his Reserves came on. He brought one Raider on in his backfield, and tried to DS the other near the Fiend with the Relic, but scattered 12", Mishapped, and went back into Reserves. The Razorwings came in, and one of them finished off the Fiend holding the Relic after the Ravagers did the first couple of HP, while the other took out a few Spawn with Missiles. One Unit of Reavers went after a Maelstrom Objective in my my DZ, while the other kept taking pot-shots at Dogs along with the Venoms. I got my Culties in and they moved up between the Maelstrom Objective with the Reavers and the Relic. The Chaos Lord and surviving Spawn pulled back to make sure I dealt with those Reavers and pick up Blood Tithe, while one MaulerFiend and the other Spawn Charged a couple of Venoms. Unsurprisingly, both blew up, killing the HQ and a couple of Warriors. The last MaulerFiend failed a Charge on the Raider. Chaos Lord soloed the Reavers.


Turn 3, he went for a safe play with the Raider that Mishapped, bringing it in an open spot in midfield. Rolled a hit, of course ;) The other one moved up on top of a building, where I couldn't get at it. The MaulerFiend that failed its Charge last Turn got Immobilized, one unit of Culties got shredded by Missiles. The Dogs milled around trying to get to something, the Spawn took out the other pack of Reavers, and the MaulerFiend took down a Ravager. This was also the only time I summoned during the Game, bringing in some more Puppies, since I was running short on Scoring Units, and the Table Quarters Tertiary could get dicey at that point.


Turn 4, he pushed both Raiders into my DZ to go for the Relic, and gunned down the last Spawn with my Lord. I blew up both Raiders with the Dogs, Pinning one Unit, and Breaking the other, tho they Rallied. Can't recall what happened in his DZ, but I think I finished off the other Ravager and the Warriors who had piled out of the Venom this Turn.


Turn 5, he tossed out some ineffective Snap Shots, and pulled the last Venom far enough back that I couldn't Charge it with anything. I Charged both Units of Warriors, wiping out the ones not on the Relic, but the ones that were on it, managed to not only kill my Chaos Lord on Overwatch (I knew I should have Charged with the Dogs first), but to Draw the combat with the Dogs that came at them as well. The Game ended there, with me winning because I'd sneaked my last Culties up to within 3" of the Relic, and The Real Space Raiders don't have ObSec ;) I hadn't really been paying attention to Maelstrom, and didn't realize that he had only a single Point there, so that was in the bag as well. First Strike is essentially an impossible point for this list unless my Opponent does something stupid, but I had everything else, so it was 10-1.


At this point I was kind of curious who else was undefeated (14 Players means there should have been one other) It eventually turned out that he'd had only moderate wins, and even coming with what I thought was a toned-down list and taking things casually, I accidentally the whole thing. And apparently by a pretty ridiculous margin. I was talking with the TO afterward, and my last opponent (who had been their usual TO for the past year), and apparently a 30/33 total Battle Score was essentially unheard of around there.


I will say that the 4x4 Tables made things far, far easier for my Daemonkin than things could have been on 4x6s, and the 1250 Point Level helped, too, cutting down substantially on how much firepower I had to take before making it across the board, but even so, looking around at the other Games, this feels like a pretty soft meta compared to what I'm used to. The next one's at 1850, so I'll see if that one draws a more competitive crowd, but I think I may have found a place where I can actually run all the Nid stuff I like and not just get destroyed :D


Picked up the new SM Dex with my winnings, got some ice cream, caught the Ferry back home, and sacked out for 15 hours straight. Pretty good weekend, all in all :)

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