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Happy not-a-father day games?? whfb

Don't Panic

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I've had a blast fighting dwarves. Let's do it. Can we set a tentative time with some wiggle room? My girlfriend is out of town right now and I don't think she has any plans for us, but she's been gone a while and may want to do a hike or something. I'll talk to her by tomorrow and be respectful of your time and whatnot.

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anytime saturday is superb for me(emily works).  early probably is better so you can have the rest of the day with the gf.  RC is fine too so you dont have to travel as much.  they open at 10 it looks like on saturdays.  so whatever time works for you is fine with me.


so my list btw: lord on SB.  BSB with 3W and GW.  runesmith with breaker.  bugman(he gives buffs to the unit).  40 longbeards with GW, vanguard.  28 slayers with a giant with flamming plus 2 dragon slayers, vanguard.  17 miners.  2 copters.  2x5 rangers.  1 bomber. 

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sorry we couldnt get that to work peanut, we'll game eventually.  hope you had fun with the gf! 


ended up getting a game with fixxer and his dirty rat shenanigans again.  i brought a list ive been wanting to try out for a while.  no organ guns, but GT with accuracy, cannon with forging/flame and my fun flame cannon with forging.  flame cannon i cant remember but dont think it did too much damage before gutters took care of it. oh guess it got the plague priest on top of the furnace and a few rats here and there. [big bad swear word]ing storm banner and howling warpgale, i cant roll a 4+... basically only positive in either of our shooting phases was my cannon and gt taking down the abom in clutch situation.  oh copters love steaming slaves... we rolled a ton of misfires as we usually do so nothing much besides that for shooting except his doom rocket wrecked my longbeards(think he rolled like 10+ misfires and i rolled 4-5).  basically my 40 longbeards just get blown to pieces every game against fixxer and his range filth.  its kinda hilarious lol. 

brought two spell eaters, one got rid of 13th.  man skaven magic is sooo good against dwarfs.  i brought hammerers for a change along with my 19 drakes and 4 copters.  hammerers were money this game picking up the bulk of the points.  also failed lookout with bsb against his cannon and brought the 3W version.  he rolled 2 for wounds.  lucky there...

bloody=fun especially with fixxer.  dude, see if there's like a skaven artillery die online.  that one deserves to hit the trashcan at this point......

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