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Cleaning off the dust LF: $$

von hammer

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As you all may have noticed, I'm kinda purging the items that are collecting dust. Here are several things I'm looking at unloading. I have several Codexes that I don't even have armies for as I was trying to keep up with changes. Here is what I have and what I'm looking for each codex:


Codex: Craftworld Eldar ($30)

Codex: Khorne Daemonkin ($30)

Sanctus Reach: The Red Waaagh! ($20)

Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf ($20)

Stronghold Assault ($15)

Clan Raukaan ($15)

Skitarii ($30)

Codex: Space Marines (last one) ($obo)

Codex: Imperial Knights 2013 ($obo)

Codex: Dark Angels (last one) ($obo)


Data Cards:

Craftworlds ($5)

Space Wolves ($5)



Sky shield landing pad ($20)



Deathwing: 20 termies - various loadouts and all tabletop quality ($125)

DA dev squad: HB, 5 ML, Pl. Cannon, captain ($20)

DA Veteran squad ($15)

Dark Talon - painted tabletop quality ($30) SOLD

World Eater torsos x10 ($20)

World Eater Heads x25 - MK3 and Vet. Heads ($25)

Land Raider - no sponsors ($25)

Land Raider Crusaider ($35)




Hellstorm template ($5)

Template set - newest set, one that looks like lightning ($5)

Orbital bombardment dice cube (all dice still in it) ($15)

SM and DA sprues (let me know what your looking for) (obo)

Stormcaller Hardback book ($10)

Ravenwing softback book ($5) SOLD

Master of Sanctity softback book ($5) SOLD

Deathwatch softback book ($5)

Skylanders Swap Force PS4 (game and portal) ($10)

MTG 2013 holiday box - full, all colors ($75)



Please PM me with a cell number or email address so we can chat if interested or you'd like photos... Thanks guys :)

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