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new Dark Angels...


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I don't think so, based solely on the "Codex Adeptus Astartes" heading on the Blood Angels book.  Plus, and again this is just spitballing... I think it has a formation or special detachment in it, too.


But then again, going on that thinking the Space Wolves would get a new codex since I don't think they have either of those things mentioned above.


So basically disregard this post.


But Ravenwing are gonna be mad tough and Deathwing Knights are burly!

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so far slightly higher points costs and some things are gone (power field generator most notably for my techmarine) but some of the rules are pretty "dark angel-y" so that's fine.


all about the fluff.


ravenwing + dark shroud = 2+ jink that's re-rollable.  but who takes a dark shroud commonly?  things like that


the vehicle squadron thingie might be less dark angel-y than i like but hey, i'm excited for the book! 

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