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You have several options for parking this year at OFCC


Overnight Hotel Guest:

Parking is located in the Hilton underground garage at Columbia between 5th and 6th on the east side of the hotel. 

Self Parking is $16.00 per day and Valet $22.00 per day.  Overnight guests will need to check into hotel first to receive a key to access the hotel’s parking garage. Overnight guests may use the short term parking in front of the hotel when checking in.


Day Guests: (attending meetings, events or restaurant dining in Gray’s At the Park)

Vancouver Center Building has a “Park & Go” garage located at 6th Street between Columbia and Washington Streets.  Fees are .75 cents an hour.  Parking is similar to downtown Portland’s Pay & Display parking. Pay at the meter for the amount of time needed and simply attach the receipt to the driver’s side window.





Vancouver center Parking Garage Operation and Rate Schedule:


Hours of Operation:                                                                            Parking Rates:

Monday – Thursday              6am to 10pm                                       Hourly rate: $.75

Friday – Saturday                 6am to midnight                                  Monday – Friday $6.00 max until 6pm

Sunday                                    8am to 10pm                       $8.50 max all day until close

$2.50 max after 6pm until close

Weekend Rate $2.50 all day


Payment:  Payment Pay Stations accept nickel, dime, and quarter and one dollar coins.  VISA and MasterCard are also accepted


Street Parking: 

Metered parking is available on the blocks surrounding the hotel.  Maximum time limits range from 1 hour to 10 hours, depending on the location.  Evenings and Weekends are free.

All rates subject to change.

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I looked it up.  That's no issue.


A.  I walk 4 miles a day.

B.  Every OFCC at the Red Lion I'd head up to Subway for lunch.  That's further than the hotel.  


$.75 an hour isn't a big deal.  But if I get there around noon like I plan, that's $3.75 for parking that I'd rather not spend.  It's not much (especially compared to last year in Portland!) and since Sat/Sun is free, I'm not too concerned.  Just would like to save $3.75.  :D  


I'll probably just scope out a long term street parking spot and go for that.  

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