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LF: Hooded Space Marines (Deathwing Knights?) H: $$$/Trade


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You can do the old shoulder-pad conversion, which looks good with moderate greenstuff skill/work.  This assumes you otherwise have a couple suitable bare heads for the psyker.


I had a friend that did that for a kitbashed psyker; he was good with the putty , so he added a lot of detail beyond that tutorial I linked to.  

Wow. That's slick. I may try that.

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For effortless PA libbies, take the back torso section from a GK PA model and attach to the front bit of ANY torso section. GK TDA kit works well for plastic TDA libbies too.

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I have zero back sections of GK in pa.

You'd buy the box set with the purchase intention being making 5 PA libbies, or at least the parts for them. That's how I did mine (plastic versions). Lots of extra bits in that set too.

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