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Learning Infinity


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Hey guys,  


Justin here, a Warmachine player looking to branch out into Infinity.  Joey played a demo game with me a couple weeks back, which was thoroughly enjoyable.  I was wondering if anyone with some patience and knowledge was willing to help me play through another game or two, I purchased the actual rulebook and operation ice storm (waiting on the models still).  I have my shock army starter set ready to rock though.

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It's too bad I couldn't get a full game in, but the small taste, combined with the warstore's discount and the kickass models, allowed me to justify buying a pretty heavy Ariadna force.


I aimed for 300 pts off the bat to take advantage of the flat shipping and sale, but have no illusions that I will be able to use the whole army off the bat. I tried to cover a mix of specialists and killers for the foretold missions, so hopefully it will be a decent toolbox to work with as I learn the game more.


Not sure if the order will arrive in time for Tuesday but I'd like to get a more complete game in with any of you above if that suits.

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I will be playing some Frostgrave on Tuesday but if there is time after then I might be able to help. If not then I can probably play you in the following week. Glad you liked the game. I am interested to see what models you got and what kind of list you are building. Of course don't share it here as some of it might be hidden information.

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