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H: Warhammer Terrain, WMH, Boardgames W: WFB, Infinity, PP


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Make me legit offers~


~And please use PM or I will not know I am being contacted sorry!~



Infinity Steel Phalanx Army I received in a trade that I have doubles of the following (MSRP listed to help you decide on an offer)


The Infinity stuff has to move as a lot, but don't worry I will certainly work with you!


Achilles (on MAS Urban Fight Resin Base) $11 MSRP


Machaon (on MAS Urban Fight Resin Base) $11 MSRP


Pheonix (on MAS Urban Fight Resin Base) $11 MSRP


Myrmidon Hacker (on MAS Urban Fight Resin Base) $11 MSRP


Myrmidon Officer (on MAS Urban Fight Resin Base) $11 MSRP


Ekdromoi (New in Box) 11$ MSRP


17 MAS Urban Fight Resin 25mm Bases 18$ MSRP


2 MAS Urban Fight Resin 40mm Bases 6$ MSRP


2 converted "Netrods"


A tub of Micro Arts Studios Terrain 'bits' ?$MSRP







Warmahordes (all unpainted and unassembled and/or Brand New in Box) and Board Games (Complete/No missing components). Will sell for 50% off retail.

Board Game: Lord of the Rings

Board Game: The Hobbit

Board Game: Arkham Horror

Warmahordes: NIB Mariner

Warmahordes: NIB Lord of the Feast

Warmahordes: NIB Kara Sloan

Warmahordes: Unpainted and unassembled The Wrack (3 models)


Paypal is the top consideration.

LE/ITS Infinity Models

This model in -metal- and complete
http://perlahochlandbrewery.blox.pl/res ... borg_2.jpg

I will consider interesting, Unpainted, and rare warhammer fantasy models from 
Orcs & Goblins
Wood Elves
Vampire Counts
Tomb Kings

http://infinitythegame.com/store/imagen ... 0381_1.jpg

2nd model in the pic (counting from the left).





Current Edition Morats

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i have grimgor and some black orcs(all metal like 6-8 i cant remember),  also that character on wyvern.  have 3 fanatics and skarnsnik and gobbla.  the rest of my OnG are painted unfortunately and i did them as a kid... so not painted well lol.  id trade for some terrain if interested.  i feel bad for these poor guys never getting used... after like 15 years of being in a tackle box :(

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