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Eldar CW/Harlequin 2k list - review - help


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I am working up a Eldar/Harequin 2k list for the Ordo (wow) ladder league starting in about a month.  I am hoping to use a good amount of my old harlequin figures and conversions.  

I'd like this to be somewhat competitive (but not OTT)…  I am planning to play this list over the next year (till OFCC 2016) and become comfortable with it.  I am sure there will be changes to the list over time.  But I want to try and start out with a good foundation.  

Here is what I have so far… (around 1750 pts with room to spend or adjustments on some items.)  I'm looking to fine tune this - I am pretty sure some of the units will need to be expanded.  Assume base equipment unless noted.


Eldar Craftworld Warhost - Core - Windrider Host


Skyrunner Farseer (1)

Skyrunner Warlock Conclave (1)

Vyper Squadron (1)

Windriders x3 (3 each) - w/ SCannons


Aux - 

Aspect Host 

Dark Reapers (2+1 exarch)

Dark Reapers (2+1 exarch)

Shining Spears (4+1 ex)


Wraith Constructs (x2)

Wraith Lord (converted harlequin themed) EML/Star Cannon)


Wraith Contruct

Wraith Knight w/ ghostglave


Harlequins codex...

Formation - Cegorach's Jest

Skyweavers (x3) w/ zeph. blades / haywire cannon x2

Troupe (6) w/ starweaver

Voidweaver (Pris.)




that is what I have so far.  I'm far from sure on the Harlequin formation - I want to take a few harlequin troupes - but I also want to take the sky weavers (I have 6).  The eldar codex wind riders will be all old harlequin jet bikers - the wraith lords are conversions as well.  The shining spears are conversions of harlequin jet bikers I have had done for a few years… just needing paint finished.  Anyhow - I had also thought about going with DE allies - but i think this works for the theme of a harlequin army better.  Fast - breakable - but hopefully not too soft.


- thougths - adjustments and changes welcome.  This force is being built from what I have on hand - but I have a lot of stuff to play with as well.  This is intended to be a harlequin theme top to bottom.  The wraith knight is there of course to soak up attention - and be scary.



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If you want to do some serious shenanigans for leadership killing stuff go look on the darkcity.net and look under dark eldar tactics at the freakshow tactica and read through them they give you some very good insight to a way of demoralizing an opponent to the point of you can just kill things in the psychic phase

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