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Played AoS and KoW tonite

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Started with KoW then played a game of AoS using the AoS pts system and a couple house rules (alternating turns, if you are in combat you can only shoot what you are fighting, and you can only summon 20% of your starting point value).


This was my first game of KoW so winning wasn't as high a priority as figuring out how things work. I love how the movement phase works. Super smooth yet still very tactical as flank and rear charges can be init destroying. Love the one pivot mechanic which also applies to single models. Makes positioning your units for next turn super important. Turns are super quick which dispelled my fear of lack of interaction during opponents turn. Combat system is pretty straightforward. I think I like this system even more than 8th edition.


This was my second game of AoS. Was really looking forward to it. I love the variety GW has achieved with all of the special rules on warscrolls. Model by model movement really slows down the movement phase. Was just as much fun as I imagined using all my units cool warscrolls abilities. Unfortunately the rest of the game isn't that exciting. It's fun but I have fun playing almost any game. Having no flank or rear really takes a lot (not all) of the tactics out of the movement phase. We played a scenario where we had to claim objectives which kept it from being a scrum in the middle.


I lost both games but it was a fun night of gaming. Difference was KoW actually made me think a lot more than AoS. Set up and pick up was also a lot faster. It also played faster and was more tactical. Usually more tactical means slower play so this was a pleasant surprise. I encourage everyone to try both games. I prefer KoW because its quicker to play and pick up while having much deeper tactics

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