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First battle impressions

Ser Warwick

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So I had my first full game Tuesday. Very exciting game, learned a lot both mechanically and tactically. Oh yes, I also got tabled, but took a few blokes down with me.


The battle was Ariadna v Ariadna, 200 pts, on a desert battlefield. My headcanon was the skirmish being a training exercise. Rather fitting.


I thought I was being tricky with half my army ghillied up, but lo and behold my opponent Miles one upped me with an entirely camouflaged army, ten models to my eight. I won the roll off, choosing to deploy second. I think this was my first mistake, as there were few places to hide from the six models that managed to infiltrate my deployment zone.


This allowed for a rather powerful alpha strike which managed to take out my lieutenant. I had not really accounted for the viability of speculative fire grenades, ignoring LoF and taking away modifiers if well placed. I was not aware you could dodge these attacks until mid game, learning process and all. Losing the LT was pretty crippling, and really showed me the importance of having enough orders to play around with so your force can be flexible and fight well in the active turn.. I think hiding the LT with the line troops might be my modus operandi until I get more games in and can maneuver a frontline combat LT more safely.


My men fought rather well (esp. the Spetsnaz), but with a quickly diminished order pool could not properly reclaim my deployment zone. The thing that I enjoyed was that even with the early advantage of my opponent, there were still some key rolls that may have swinged things back in my favor. Still an uphill battle, but not impossible. Also a bit frustrating as I can more easily see where I went wrong in hindsight.


Really looking forward to more games.

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camo and mines are two of my most loved skills hahaha


very useful and a real pain in the neck to an unaware opponent!


Once you get the hang of it though you will handle it just fine. We learned by getting beat up by a steel phalanx player for a while, but learned how it worked and changed our tactics without having to change equipment for the most part.

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