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Customizable troops (spec-ops)


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They're usually allowed in tournaments/escalation league and campaigns. I like them quite a bit! I tend to think too many xp points is a bad thing. The most common use for them is  to give them chain of command so that you've effectively got two LTs on the board, though I usually make them a cheap doctor/engineer with a bump to willpower if I can afford it. And maybe mimetism! Or minelayer.


I like them a lot. Maybe we can do a campaign at the clubhouse eventually. I'm always down for a game with them too, they do add something nice to the game. I've heard the pros at red castle complain that they can just plug the weaknesses of any army, or that sometimes they can be too powerful.

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There are two camps of thought on speckles in ITS.


Allow for variation and the customization of it.


Do not allow as the model could be used to shore up deficiencies in the sectorial (such as a hacker in Ariadna or something like that).


I love them as a way to poke around and play with a list I like, but am in no way offended when people remove them from their events. 


If you agree to play them in normal games, it can be super fun too!

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