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Bellingham MegaGame


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Bellingham is getting its own MegaGame. If you have seen the Shut Up and Sit Down review of Watch the Skies then you already have an idea of what this about. Part RPG, Part Board Game. Part Social Game. 


Watch the Skies takes place in a near future Earth very much like our own... but aliens have arrived on the planet. Around 40 players will play on teams as nations, news reporters, and, of course, the aliens, while Earth struggles to figure out what is going on before civilization dissolves into chaos. Each nation is represented by players acting as Head of State, Deputy Head of State, Chief Scientist, Military Commander, and Foreign Minister. Expect intrigue, military strategy, research on alien artifacts, espionage, and a version of the United Nations that's a lot more fun than the one you modeled in high school. There's also plenty of mysterious alien intrigue and scrappy press that can make or break the game.


We will be running the game at Fairhaven Middle School on Saturday, October 24th from 9:30 to 5:00.


For more information, check out Bellingham MegaGames on Facebook.




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