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FS: Dark Angels Plus More


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Have a large selection and bits for Dark Angels. I will make a list over the day but it is large.


The only Vehicles I have left are a Drop Pod primed, a Rhino that can be changed into a Whirlwind or Razorback unprimed, (left the back unglued and had extra parts set up to switch out from game to game) and Landspeeders. Most of the lot is infantry (Termies, Vets, Bikes, Jump, Demo and just plain tactical.)


Will part out gladly but would like serious buyers, please cash only, no trades.

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Assault Squad, 6 put together and bare 5 still on sprues. (One set was a Vanguard set.): $50

Chaplain with Jump Pack: Metal, stripped bare. $10

Metal Tech Marine in Power Suit, striped: $10

Metal Scout Captain from the Ultra Marines: $7

Metal Stern Guard with plastic backpacks: $23

2 Metal Chaplains, one with bolster the other with Plasma Pistol: $10 each

Metal Liberian with Book in hand: $10

Militarum Tempestus, 10 men partially put together but mostly on sprue: $45

Dark Vengeance Liberian and Chapter Mater unassembled: $15 together

Plastic Chapter Master from Black Reach, on sprue: $5

Metal Tech Marine with 3 Servitors: $15

Metal 3 Flamers of Tzeentch: $10

One full Squad of Tactical Marines from Black Reach, not glued and bare: $17

10 Termies from Dark Vengeance, unglued and bare: $65

2 full units from Dark Vengeance (20 guys assorted): $45

6 Bikes from Dark Vengeance: $40

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10 Unglued Dark Angel Vets with BITS! out the butt: $40

4 Unglued Termies with Bits: $35

1 Terminator Banner Carrier with Storm Shield & Hammer: $7

Dark Vengeance Chaplain, primed black: $10

12 Randomly Armed Termies: $45

32 Primed Dark Green Tactical Marines, a quarter of them have DA themed look: $70

4 Rocket Launchers, 3 Plasma Cannons, 2 Heavy Lasers, 2 Heavy Bolters, 1 Heavy Melta, 2 Meltas, 2 Plasma Rifles, 1 Flamer and one Sargent Power Fist: $35

Metal Azrael with watcher in the Dark: $10

Fine Cast Banner Carrier: $10

2 Dark Angels Chapter Master primed Dark Green: $16

Bikes Pending. Will update after Monday

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