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Gates of Antares

Brother Glacius

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So the two player starter box is up for pre-order. Anyone else looking at this? I have to say I am somewhat tempted. However, as I own several 40K armies, would it not be better to just use one of them. I really like bolt action, so that style of play in a sci-fi game has me curious. However, if it ends up just being bolt action in space.....? d10 stat is a nice change though.

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From what I've read, it's very similar to Bolt-Action.


That being said - I think their minis are terrible. Not a single fig I've seen I would pay actual money for.


I'm waiting for the book to be released separately from the box, then I will very likely pick it up since Bolt Action receives generally great reviews.

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I'm not sure about Warlord being GW prices. I don't think that the minis are that bad, but I haven't seen them up close and personal either. 


I'm torn between this and Warpath. Bolt action is a great game and I really enjoy the rule set but on the other hand the Mantic game is such a great deal; oh bother! Yes, the Antares rule set is built on the Bolt Action rules. This is really a tough choice. 


Also at this point Warpath has rules for the models that I own (Marauders and Plague) where as the current Antares factions are all human based scifi models whic I don't own. Antares will be out in November and Warpath will be out in January?? Maybe??


I'm really split on which one to back or maybe I should try to back both of them!!! Well maybe both if I could just sell my Warmachine stuff  :wink:


Thoughts? Buyers for my Warmachine stuff?  :laugh:

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Indy, once I get done moving - if you'd like to try out Bolt Action - I'd be willing to give you a demo. Dice Age has a good Bolt Action community too. Oh I think I owe you a KOW game too. Just got to get through the next 2 weeks and then I'll get all my game stuff back from storage.


If a demo of Bolt Action will give me an idea how Antares plays, great! :)  As you know, though, from taking the last bits of FoW off my hands, I really have zero interest in WW2 as a gaming-setting. ;) But I have heard so much about the rules, and if Antares is similar - I'll definitely buy the book.


And yes - you owe me a KoW!  ;) Brother G here on Ordo put in an order for some -awesome- movement trays, and he delivered them a couple weeks ago and I am eager to put them to use!


And I am hoping when Warpath/Firefight come out, I can talk pretre into letting me try it out with him!


Meanwhile I am finishing up painting my dwarves for my new Mordheim gang, and assembling a ton of terrain and figs for Infinity, and, and and...


I know how you feel - so much to do, and so little time! :)

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Indy, yes the core for Bolt Action's rule set is at the core of a number of Warlords games ('Hail Ceasar', 'Pike and Shot', 'Black Powder' - all historical). Antares looks to be of a similar vein.


And Pretre, we have found a new home near Van Mall. And move in about 2 weeks, And yes 5 for $32 is a bit pricey, but their plastics are on the way - $112 for their 2 player starter set which is mostly plastics. The new BA plastic sell for $40 for 30 dudes. I know the Mantic stuff is such a great price, I'm just not sure about the game play is all. Plus they dis'd the Marauders!  What were they thinking??? 


I'm thinking that I might pledge $50 in the Warpath KS so that I get the rules. And maybe I'll get some models too. But I just really like the bolt action rules. Such a dilemma! 

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