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Riptide Conversion Suggestions


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Heyo, everyone. I was given a Riptide today with the condition that I convert it into an Y'vahra battlesuit. I've fallen in love with said suit as far as it's rules go but I've been proxying it with just a regular riptide. As crafting goes some of you may remember I'm not a huge customizer. I model, paint when I must and then play play play, so this is a little intimidating for me. Do any of you have some suggestion for how I could turn this:




into this?:





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Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah I definitely see the ion accelerater getting converted into the right arm. For the flamer I definitely have spare plasma rifle bits but they seem kinda small. Thinking maybe green stuff some larger tubes to bulk up the actual weapon if I can't find some suitable bits. Any suggestions on how to handle that giant jet pack? I don't really have anything that bulky so was pondering doing something with spare devilfish engines between the jet packs

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Yeah, the Plasma Rifle bits, I was thinking just for the very ends of the barrels, with something else there to make it bigger. I can't think of anything better than Devilfish engine pods for the jump pack. Maybe just take a quick browse through a hardware store, see if there's a filter or something that's cheap, looks cool, and is about the right size.

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