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Final League night 10/30

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Also wanted to say that I had a great time with the League!


I wanted to follow this through as its a new game for the community and as we all know,not well received in some circles and that's totally understandable.Its been a very fun experience meeting new players and trying out the different scenarios released by GW along with the different comp systems from the players.


With the few dozen games I have under my belt now I`ve come to really enjoy the game as its more simplified rules in comparison to other miniature games allows me to pick it up at any time someone wants to play and not have to worry about forgetting vital parts of how the game is played.Theres enough of a complex layer in the form of warscroll special rules to keep each game interesting and engaging.Basically I like to have 2-4 game systems going at once with the hobby and AoS fits right in there:)




Oh,and did I mention the models Rock! ,ESPECIALLY the Sigmarines!/bigcheesygrin

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