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Doomtown/LoTR/Conquest/Legendary/LCG Star Wars?


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Looking for a casual gaming -partner in Beaverton area for preferably some of the ECG/LCG/Deckbuilding games out there. I own some of all mentioned above and obviously am not against trying some others.


Played maybe 20-30 games of Doomtown, 20-30 of LoTR, zero of Conquest, a handful of Star Wars...


I tend much more toward the casual. If you are looking to hone your deck for a tournament I am probably not your preferred opponent. If you want to try a bunch of different decks, play a different deck every game or even rotate games, crush some pizza, just relax and play for the fun of playing, I'm your huckleberry. I have enough Doomtown to supply all the decks if need be, just the starter for Conquest and Star Wars, a couple expansions for LoTr...hit me up if interested

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