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Brother Glacius

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So I just wanted to share a discussion I had on the KoW forums. Basically, it is around the issue where units block the shuffle movement of a charge in some way.







In this example, unit C wants to charge unit A. Unit B is also an enemy unit to C. Unit C would move as follows:





C is able to make contact, and then align itself to the target unit A. At this point, the next step is for C to shuffle down to the center of A. However, unit B is blocking. According to the powers that be (TPTB), you move C as far as it can go, ie until it touches unit B. At this point, the charge move is done. Unit B is then nudged so that it is no longer touching unit C.






The overall theme I got from the discussion is that the charger only moves as far as they can, until they make contact with terrain or units that stop that movement. From that point, units are then nudged 1mm away.


Now in the case where a unit cannot line up against another unit, ie face to face, the charge is not allowed. The only exception is if the opponent moved units in such a way as to prevent any possible charges due to alignment (face to face). This is the example in the FAQ where a unit has two possible charges, but trying to complete either one is prevented due to the angles. In this case only, can you move the target unit to align to the charger.

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OK..just looked over the Faq,,didn't know there was one out yet,thnx:)


I assume you are speaking of the example they give were the Horde unit is boxed in by 4 blocks to the front and sides?


I don't like Mantic`s answer on this as I think its a slippery slope when you start moving or "adjusting" target units in any shape or form.They are even stating that boxing a unit in is "not allowed" that seems pretty harsh especially in a game were movement tactics are such a huge feature.


What their example really shows is that yes,its hard to maneuver a horde/legion block and yes,it can be blocked in...that's as it should be.Horde/Legions have staying power and they hit like a mack truck but you pay the price for having that large footprint when it comes to movement options.

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They are also saying it is nearly impossible to block them in, but if you do (which is not allowed), then your opponent is allowed to move the target unit to allow a charge to take place. So basically, if you try to do some hinky things with positioning to hose a player, the player is allowed to fudge things to counter. So basically, don't be a gamy dick. :smile:

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This is the recent FAQ in question for those that haven't seen it,





Isn't how you move your units within the confines of the rules a huge part of the tactics of KoW?.


Im only pointing out their example being a horde unit because it Seems like they are making an exception in the rules that would mostly benefit hordes or legions and in doing so punishing a player that is trying to take advantage of the drawback that a large troop block has.Pretty much when running a horde or legion,making sure it doesnt get over exposed on its front and flanks is part of the game.


Really though,with their call on this were do you draw the line on being "boxed in".I can see this being abused all over the place."Humm..up against a building on my left,troop block to my right but I can get the charge off on the archers to my front but they have an IC to their front stopping me from charging...need ya to move that IC please so I can charge otherwise im boxed in"



Maybe I missed it but this FAQ is the first ive seen in the rules that charge blocking is not allowed.I mean if the game has a "Chess like" movement aspect then shouldn't charge blocking be part of that?...as in "check"

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Well take that very specific example in the FAQ. There should be two units that the horde should be able to charge. In the front arc, in range. However, due to facing shenanigans, the horde can't. I can see where they are coming from. That seems very gamy to me. It is basically saying "ha ha, because we are facing this way, you don't get to charge us!" That is lame. I don't really think an enemy unit's facing should dictate whether or not they can be charged. But in order to make the game simple, it is a reality. I like that the developers are taking a stand and putting in rules to stamp out that sort of nonsense.


That is not to say that you can't maneuver or face to create an advantage, they are only stopping you from fully preventing an action from your opponent.

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