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Ordo Fanaticus Senate Meeting 11/14


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The Ordo Fanaticus Senate will hold thier next meeting on  11/14 at WOW starting at 1pm. All are welcome to attend. We will be discussing the following:

Old Business:

  • Charter Proposal
  • Banners
  • Praetor Program
  • t-shirts for those demoing games
  • F.A.T. Mat order
  • 2016 Champ on online store
  • Annihilation 3 Update
  • Blood Bowl 7's recap

New Business:

  • OFCC
  • Ordo swag for annihilation
  • 40mm BB Pitches
  • Rampage in January
  • Mod Team
  • Kow Forum

I apologize for the late notice. Attendance is open and welcome to all. If there is something you would like to discuss at the meeting please send me a PM and I will add it to the agenda.

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I was hoping to make it to this, but leaving my wife with our new baby and 3 year old son isn't in my best interest this afternoon, so I'm going to have to miss it.  :sad:


I'm still interested in the praetor program and appreciate any notes or documentation on the program that are available following the meeting.


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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

It is still a work in progress and we are continuing the discussion. We appreciate your interest and hope to get this fleshed out soon.


Congrats on the new baby. I know how it is, my kids are a little over a year older. I'm just now starting to get hobby time. Most of it is due to my wife getting a hobby.

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