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Are the ork kustom stompa rules form IA:8 ITC legal?


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I know. it just stings so bad that the stompa is one of the most over-costed in the game. I"m actually quite pleased with the stormsurge. it's strong, but not too strong. tough but not too tough, expensive but not.. you get it.. and it needs support, it cant roll an entire army like some *coughwraithknightcough* can.

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I wouldn't call the Stompa the most overcosted superheavies, not by a long shot- most of the Malcador and Machariuses, several of the Baneblade variants, most everything Chaos gets other than the Scorpion, every Tau superheavy printed more than two months ago, etc, etc.


The Wraithknight's real advantage isn't that it can massively affect the battlefield the way some superheavies (Warhound, Stormsword, etc) can; rather, it's the fact that it is so cheap for a superheavy, but still gets all of the attendant abilities that come with that status.

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