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For Sale: Wreck Age, Lord of the Rings (GW), Shadowsea (Updated)


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Hello all! Got a big collecting of miscellaneous miniatures from a friend that I'm looking to sell. It's all stuff I'm unfamiliar with, so I'm still in the process of doing a full inventory and sorting out pricing before it ends up on eBay. Tried to price stuff at 50% retail. 


Wreck Age:


Reclaimers Box Set

Drifters Box Set

Stalkers Box Set

5 Drifters from  Burnt Tierra Bulch box set (no cards)

3 Random figures (not sure what set)

Retail = ~$155, $75 for the lot. Includes dice, counters, and will also include storage case.


Shadow Sea

Dark Mariners:


-Destroyer Biomech


-Vanguard Marine


Fortune Hunters:


-Iron Conquer

-Balthus Steelhand




Retail = $231, ​$100 for the lot. Includes quickstart guides, counters, roster sheets, measuring thingys.


Lord of the Rings:

The Hobbit SBG small rulebook

24 Plastic Gondor guys (mix of bows / swords / spears / shields)

(following are all metal)



4x Hobbits (Fellowship?)



Troll (cave troll?) w/ spear

3x Nazgul

Balin (in red blister thingy)

$60 for the lot


Pics for above: http://s21.photobucket.com/user/AndrewgeddoN/library/Selling


$25 - Ogre Kingdoms Stonehorn 

Stonehorn is assembled, looks like the guy I traded tried to add some green-stuff fur to him. Rest is unassembled, looks to be a mix of Stonehorn and Mournfang parts? I've got pics of everything included.

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