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Frostgrave Campaign Ideas

Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Frostgrave Campaigns


Recommended Changes

1. Ending The Game (pg 47)

a. Games will last 5-7 turns. After the 5th turn the last player to go rolls a d20, 1-4 the game ends as the cold sets in, 4-20 the game goes a 6th turn. After the 6th turn the last player to go rolls a d20, 1-16 the game ends as the cold sets in, 7-20 the game goes a 7th turn. The cold always sets in after the 7th turn.

b. The game continues even after an opponent has no remaining models on the board. The player with no remaining models on the board takes control of the remaining creatures on the board and activates them in the creature phase however they see fit. A player must remove the treasure from the board within the turn limit to claim the treasure no matter if their opponent and no creatures remain on the board.


2. Experience (pg 54)

a. Your wizard is a sage as much as a general and gains experience for all killing blows generated by his warband.

b. Kill a member in Warband 20 exp

c. Kill an opposing Apprentice 40 exp

d. Kill an opposing Wizard 60 exp

e. *****Insert Coytoye’s sliding scale of creature xp gain********

f. Increase the +10 experience award for the Wizard or Apprentice casting a spell to +20 experience.


3. Between Games

a. The “Between Games” section in the Frostgrave rulebook is replaced by the sequence described in this document.


Between Games

After each game, each player should complete a single Out of game turn.

Out of Game Turn Sequence

1. Roll for Treasure

2. Roll for Injuries

3. Level Up Wizard

4. Cast Out of Game Spells [A wizard and apprentice may try to cast a unique spell once each]

5. Roll for and apply Base effects (such as Library or Laboratory)

6. Perform Wizard and Apprentice Actions

7. Cast Out of Game Spells [may only be performed with spells a wizard and/or apprentice did not attempt in step 4]


Wizard and Apprentice Actions

During the Out of Game phase, the Wizard and his Apprentice may each take one Out of Game action. This is not affected by their current injury status (such as missing the next game) or any other game rule. Both actions must be declared before they are resolved.

The options are as follows:

 Visit a Vendor

 Oversee Improvements

 Recruit Soldiers

 Visit Thaumaturge


The following activities may be performed freely and do not consume an action:

Dismiss Soldiers

Hire Thugs/Theifs/Dogs

Wizard Healthcare

Buy/Sell Mundane Items (weapons and armour)

Transfer items between warband members


Visit a Vendor

The spellcaster chooses one of the following vendors:

o Potion Vendor

o Scroll Vendor

o Grimoire Vendor

o Magic Item Vendor

o Magic Weapons/Armour Vendor


Vendors’ inventories will be limited after each campaign round, the campaign head will roll 3 times on the appropriate table for that vendor. These items are the only items available during this visit, and may be purchased at their purchase price as per the table. Items are not freely available as described in the Frostgrave rulebook.

You may also sell items of the same type as the vendor whilst visiting that vendor (ie, only items that could usually be bought at a vendor may be sold to that vendor). For example, you may sell potions only at a potion vendor, or scrolls only at a scroll vendor. This is the only way that items may be sold – they may no longer be sold freely as described in the Frostgrave rulebook.

Oversee Improvements

The spellcaster may oversee the building of a single base resource, at the cost listed in the Frostgrave rulebook. The cost must be paid, and the improvement may be added to the Warband’s record sheet.

This is the only way that base resources may be constructed.

Recruit Soldiers

The spellcaster may recruit any number of soldiers by paying their costs as per the Frostgrave rulebook. This is the only way a Warband can permnantly hire a solider that is not a Thief, Thug or Warhound

Visit Thaumaturge

A wizard or apprentice may visit or be brought to a Thaumaturge to have a Miraculous Cure cast on them for 200 gc or Restore Life cast on a Wizard only for the cost of (wizard lvl *10 + 400)



Your school is attempting to maintain a balancing act between the other schools and is pull resources to help you compete in your search.


Compare warband value and the warband with the lowest value will be able to spend the difference in gold crowns on options below. (Value is the warbands gc cost for hiring each member including apprentice + wizard’s value [300 + lvl*25gc])

0-2 mercs

Mercenaries cannot carry treasure

Pick a solidier and you can hire them at the listed value * 5. This allows your warband to exceed the natural limit of 10 members.

0-1 Random monster in opposing warband’s deployment zone

Place the creature in the deployment zone after treasure is deployed but before your opponent deploys his warband


Sliding scale of creature cost

1-5 health 100 gc

6-10 150 gc

11-15 200 gc

16-20 250 gc

+100 gc is immune to mundane damage

0-1 Scroll

Pay at cost for an aligned school scroll


0-1 Potion

Potion at cost

0-1 Orb of power


At book cost


Any items or warband members that you gain in inducements are for the encounter only you do not get to keep these items even if they were not used.

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Cool - but I don't think adding more experience gain is a good idea, you level pretty fast anyhow. We got two games in today and each of us leveled four or five times.


A lot of these improvements are well thought out, though I think the game does a great job with everything. I like Koyote's balancing mechanic, and I think an overall campaign goal is nice. The one in the book, Transcendence, would take a very long time to achieve, so maybe something a little easier like "learn all spells from your school" or something. Or just a set number of games and whoever is highest level wins? Or you could do a campaign map somehow... Just some thoughts.


Glad you're organizing something! I want more Frostgrave, every game I've played has been a blast.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I did the math and estimate on level gains and tried to balance it so level gains would be around 4-5 which matches your number. The creature variable is only part I haven't got a grasp on since no games. After watch a couple games in person I tried to balance the killer wizard issue where the wizard needs to do the kill a support caster can go up at about same pace.


I'm curious about the different feelings on either a tax/boost system (coyote) for playing a lip sided match versus in game balancers (Biggles)? I'm curious of the different ideas, as this is the one part I am most interested in adjusting


Thanks for posting feedback keep it coming. I don't want to call this my idea as I used bad karmas post as a template.

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