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FS: Lots o Skaven


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Time to thin out some Vermin! I started going through the horde and I have way too much. I will add to this as I sort through everything. Here's the initial offering:


Screaming Bell metal 2002 NIB $30 -- SOLD

Warp Lightning Cannon metal 2002 NIB $20

Grey Seer Thanquol & Boneripper metal 2002 NIB $15

Verminlord metal 1994 NIB $15 -- SOLD

Doom wheel metal 1994 unassembled $15

60 plastic Clan rats/slaves 2002 NOS $25

Group: 41 plastic clan rats/slaves 1985 painted, 15 plastic clan rats/slaves 1985 primed & 19 plastic clan rats/slaves 1985 bare $20 for the 1985 group -- SOLD

2 Jezzails teams painted $20

6 Jezzails teams primed $60 -- SOLD

2 warp fire thrower teams painted $20

4 Warpfire thrower teams primed $40 -- SOLD

Metal Storm Vermin- 1st & 2nd ed

Metal Clan Rats- 1st & 2nd ed


Need to get some of this horde thinned down to a manageable level. Thanks for looking.

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