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Spring 40K Old School League: Mission 2 - Crash Site


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Mission 2 – Crash Site

Deployment Zone:


Place 5 Objective Markers on the table. The first 4 markers are placed in each corner, 12” from each table edge, then scattered 2D6 in a random direction. The 5th marker is place in the center and does not scatter.



When setting terrain, nothing can be closer than 12” from the center of the table. This will leave at least a 24” barren circle in the middle of the table.


Crash Site:

Each objective represents debris from a crash, with the most valuable object in the center of the table. Due to smoke and dust, treat the center of the table as permanent night fighting. There is no other night fighting in the game. Any shot travelling in, out, or through the center circle follows the night fighting rules.


Primary Objective: Control outer objective - 1 point each; center objective – 2 points

Secondary Objective: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker (1 point each)


Deployment: Standard Deployment (pg. 132)

Game Length: Variable game length (pg. 133)

Game Special Rules: Reserves (pg. 135)


League Bonus Points: Control 2 table quarters: - 1 point, Control 3+ table quarters - 2 points

Tables quarters are controlled if you have more scoring units fully in the zone than your opponent. Objective Secure units receive no bonus for quarter control.


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What are the deployment zones...are those the shaded areas as in opposite corners?.

Yeah. Find the center point, measure 12" and make a circle. Then measure 36" along the long table edge and 24" along the short table edge. This is your deployment zone. Your opponent is in the opposite corner. No models in the middle circle during deployment save for infiltrators. And per the scenario, no terrain there either.



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