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Alternate unit activation

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This has been mentioned in the past and there is some talk on the web now about active testing for this style of play.


Basically each player(starting with the player the won initiative) would choose a unit and (optionally) a hero with the same keyword within 3" to "Activate" then going thru the hero,movement,shooting and charge/CC phase with.Then the opponent does the same.This continues until all units have had an activation then the battleround ends.



Thoughts on this?

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Actually,now that ive had a chance to wargame this a bit,I dont think it would work well due to the CC phase of the game and how it works now.


The case being that ideally each unit would activate and do all phases through its Battleshock phase.But if a unit successfully multicharges multiple enemy units how would that work?.The attacker would do his attacks,but then the defender normally would be able to counter-attack and thats fine and all but what if additional charges are made against the defending unit later in that Battle round...do they get to counterattack again?..or just the models that didnt get to counter after the first charge?.Seems to me that alot of micro managing of what models can still attack and or counter-attack would be needed.


Then theres Battle Shock,of which each side should have to deal with twice per battleround,but with multiple unit activation wouldnt there be multiple Battleshock phases?.Or if the Battleshock phase was just dealt with at the end of the Battle round then it would basically remove one of the two phases that would normally take place.


I`ll have to keep an eye open for posts about how this works for others I guess...

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The amount of record keeping and counters involved to remember what phase each unit is in would be very confusing and tedious.

Yeah..im not so up on it after some thought.Though I think Auticus and his group are going to be trying it so ill keep tabs on how it goes for them.Ill probably try it out with Colin soon as well.

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