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AoS on 4/23 at GG

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Looks like our monthly game night at GG is on the 23rd this month,probably due to extra events happening on the 30th with that being national Tabletop day.


With that date I will be able to make this months GG sesssion and still do the team event at GW on the 30th.


So whos up for some games on the 23rd???

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How's your schedule during the week?

Been rather busy during the week with one of my kids doing Tennis camp on tues and thursdays,,havent even been able to get back to the 40k league either.


But im gonna make the doubles next weekend and Colin hasnt backed out yet.Just finishing up the last of my builds for a small detatchement of Ironweld arsenal im adding to fill out the fyreslayers...friggen love those Gyrocopter models!

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