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New AOS FAQ Answers Previewed


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I'm guessing a lot of these will be ignored or modified by the various comps but nice to see a speedy response

Yeah,its not likely that any of the event comps would change regardless of what GW does with this faq



The stuff I like so far-

Pile-in movement clarifications with the main rule to keep in mind being that a model can make a pile-in move in any way shape or form as long as it ends its pile-in closer to the nearest enemy model than when it started.This solves alot of rules disputes as now you cant "wheel around" friendly models to make room for other models to get into combat.

Models that are already in contact cant move at all because theres no way to end up "closer".

Models still must maintain the 1" cohesion when making pile- in moves,so no breaking the unit apart with pilein moves.Also to relate to a question in the combat section,,players CAN choose to break cohesion by removing models as casualties but if the unit moves again either to pile-in or any other form of movement,could screw a player trying to tie up several units with one in a multicharge.

These clarifications show that GW really does intend for model to model measurement to be a feature of this game.I personally love M2M measurement and feel that it adds a fun element to combat part of the game.It does take some getting used to though,and yes you can do m2m without having base stacking with a very simple house rule of "models in base contact always are considered to be within a 1/2" of each other".

Stacking spells and auto hits,wounds and saves--not that I try to set up situations like this but I think its healthy for the game.Often times it takes alot of planning to build an army for these situations and to pull it off in play but its just another element that players should take into account.


Thing Im not liking--Summoning is clarified and pretty much unchanged.GW intended to unfettered summoning in this game...as in summoners can summmon summoners and so on.And players can freely recycle summoned models that were killed earlier in the game.

I did notice that they didnt really answer the question(that was asked several times in several different ways)about it a summoned model counts toward the armies casualties suffered wether its killed or not..they did answer the question that yes, a model that is summoned DOES count as a casualty WHEN its killed..that one is kind of "duh" though.


Another one I dont like at all is that GW condoned base stacking when asked about the Archaon model being used,and that one of his weapons has a 1" range but that the model itself is further than 1" from the perimeter of its base in several areas...they just said to pile-in on the base.

Maybe this will be more clear on the final release next week.


Either way its great to see GW working with the community on its facebook page:)

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