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Of Game Scale and Ground Scale - Fighting Tarawa in FoW


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If you did every 2000 meters of the island as 2 feet, you could have the whole battle on a 10 foot table, maybe even an 8 foot table. The island is tiny. I am not sure where the article you highlight gets it's measurements. The scale on the map he provides shows the island as roughly 10 KM long, but he gives the length of the island as 3000 yards. 

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Honestly there's a couple of ways you could go - I wouldn't recommend sliding scale the whole island at once, but using the mini-campaign over at Behind Enemy Lines there's a couple where you'd be fighting on effectively a 1/4 or 1/5 of the island.  Alternately you could go the other way - set up a mega battle with a lot of your friends and use 1:1 scale tables.  If you click on the second image on the blog post, it has sample 4x6 FoW tables superimposed over it in some of the key areas - that equals 400x600 real feet.

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