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Seattle area 9th Age players?

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Looking for some friendly games of T9A in the Seattle area. Havn't played a game of 9th Age yet and really want to get a few games in before the OFCC. I can play at Cafe Mox (Ballard), or Heroic Knight (Issaquah), or private residence (will bring beer)! Vampire Coven, up to 3000 pts. 


Reply publicly so maybe we can generate some interest : ) 



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Hi Zeev, I'm also up in North Seattle so we should have a game sometime. Cafe Mox / Card Kingdom is a good place for a game and it isn't too far away.


I'm also meeting up with Mospaeda tomorrow (Wednesday) at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue. If you're around, pop in to say hi; we'll be there from 6:00pm onward.




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